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Makeup Treasures

As makeup lovers we tend to amass quite a large collection, but we all have our favored treasures. I was hoping we could share and discuss some of our most special items. 


I don't necessarily mean favorites. I mean:


- Sentimental items

- Limited Edition collector items

- Next-Level-Dazzlers (items that take our makeup to the next level, and just make us feel glamorous and extraordinary)


Bring out your goods!  🙂



Re: Makeup Treasures

@TKLJ Thanks! I have had that feather duster for years, I think I bought it with a blue color correcting powder. I don't really use it for anything except just to feel it, but it lives on my vanity and I love it. The leopard is a D&G bronzer from a few years ago, I haven't wanted to use it, it's so pretty, it has a gold shimmer overlay, you can see just barely if you zoom in.

Re: Makeup Treasures

@sister13 I love your treasures. Absolutely beautiful and special. 

Re: Makeup Treasures

Thanks!! 😊😊

Re: Makeup Treasures

Everything is beautiful 💕 I'm lusting over everyone's TF quads haha

Re: Makeup Treasures

Aw, thanks! Yes, this is my only TF quad, it was a splurge for my wedding, and I love it so much!!

Re: Makeup Treasures

 @ShannonAlexis just popping in to reiterate i think this is my favorite BT thread of ever ever. xo

Re: Makeup Treasures

Some of my treasures: 


Poudre Signee De Chanel: This falls in the LE/Dazzlers category. I don't love blinding highlights on myself, the fact this gives this gorgeous lit from within look and and hits the right colors for my face is just perfection. It's obviously well loved and will continue to be loved until there is literally nothing left in the pan. 


Guerlain L'Ecrin 4 Couleurs Les Fauves: I love these colors, I love the formula. This is my perfect naturals palette. It makes my green eyes greener and just makes me feel amazing. 


Lipsticks: Mac, Givenchy, CT: These are all special to me as they were gifts by amazing women. The CT is my latest acquisition and given to me by the beautiful @unfungirl I think out of any item in my collection, the items that I was given are the ones I hold most dear. IMG_0120 2.jpg

Re: Makeup Treasures

What shades are the lipsticks, @themusefactory? I love the cases.

Re: Makeup Treasures

@TKLJ I actually have no idea! I swap out my lipsticks into my "fancy" cases all the time! LOL! But it's the Mac Making Pretty collection on the left, and then Givenchy in the middle (they have the most stunning cases!) and Charlotte Tilbury on the right 😉 I usually grab cases on apps because I can toss the lipstick and sanitize the case and use it over and over! 

Re: Makeup Treasures

@themusefactory You're the sweetest! I'm so glad you love the lipstick- for aesthetic and sentimental reasons ❤️

Re: Makeup Treasures

A few more treasures to add since my first post:




My first "nice" brush purchase. It's by Prescriptives and I believe I bought it around 2001. At the time it was THE softest brush I had ever felt and now it feels offensively scratchy on my face. But back then everyone I showed it to oohed and aaahed

over its fluffy softness. I think I paid $40ish dollars for it, which for the times was insanely expensive. To its credit, look how long it has lasted and is in perfect condition! I don't use it now because I have powder brushes that feel much nicer but I keep it on display because she's my pretty baby. 




I owe this thread and @ShannonAlexis a huge debt of gratitude because I thought this Edward Bess quad had been discontinued but right before posting I googled and it's now back and I can buy it again! This is a lovely little powder palette in "Summer in Capri" that warms up my complexion just right and the tan shade makes a really nice contour. I've been rationing off using it for the past year or so because it was no longer for sale. But now I can apply with reckless abandon once more! 




Bobbi Brown "Coral Gables" lipstick. This was a limited edition color only sold through Nordstrom a couple of summers ago. I wore this to this year's Oscars, which makes it very special to me. That night represented the pinnacle of my professional life (I was there in the press room) and I was very proud of myself for "making it." This lipstick for me, is a small representation and reminder of that. 

Re: Makeup Treasures

@starsandbucks I love any lipstick with a story behind it. Congratulations on your professional success! 🙂

Re: Makeup Treasures

@starsandbucks Love the sentimental value of that lippie! What an amazing experience and congrats on your success!

Re: Makeup Treasures

@starsandbucks I too love the Edward Bess Summer in Capri! Its so pretty and handy to travel with. I liked so much I bought one for my mom.

Re: Makeup Treasures

@starsandbucks  I've seen Edward Bess and that compact online not that long ago.  If you keep your eye out on places like HauteLook, RueLaLa, and other discount sale places, you might find a back up of capri.

Re: Makeup Treasures

I love the story behind the lipstick 🙂

Re: Makeup Treasures

Wonderful! I'm so glad you can get a new blush 

Re: Makeup Treasures



I gathered some items I consider treasures for their packaging/LE status, but also some things I just love. 


In no particular order:


  • All of my NARS stuff, depotted and place in a large NARS palette. I am only missing a single blush which will soon be Peepshow. (Ask if you'd like product shades).
  • Guerlain Perles de Neiges from the 2015 Holiday collection. They're a bit sparkly for my taste but I couldn't pass up the packaging. I wish I had purchased last years holiday meteorites as well.
  • L'artisan Parfumeur Venenum. I'm in love with the black bee bottle, and it smells like a wonderful, woody spice cake. My most expensive fragrance purchase to date.
  • Kerosene Blackmail. This scent is very dear to my heart as it is a collaboration between a dear friend of mine and Kerosene!
  • My fanciest lipsticks! This is essentially every Givenchy and Tatcha lipstick I own. I don't wear the colors much but they both have lovely packaging and formulas.
  • MAC Min Liu Pearlmatte Face Powder. I'm a sucker for that wave design.
  • MAC So Scarlet lipstick. This is the first deep red lipstick I ever purchased, which started an obsession with deep reds for quite some time. It's from a 2008 collection, Cult of Cherry, and although I don't use it anymore (it's a little nubbin now), I refuse to toss it haha.



And, lest we forget:


FullSizeRender (1).jpg


  • Tom Ford Nude Dip
  • NARS x Sarah Moon Give in Take palette

both well loved and gorgeous.


Re: Makeup Treasures

I'm a sucker for wave designs too... that's why I got that MAC powder as well 😄  Not sure if you know him but if you like waves check out Clark Little Photography. He's amazing.

Re: Makeup Treasures

Gaaahhhh such pretty things. I'm in love with your fancy lipsticks. And you did a great job depotting!

Re: Makeup Treasures



Here are my pretties! While the vast majority of my stash is in simple black packaging, I definitely have a thing for gold and rose gold and beautiful design. I don't collect just to collect; each item has to also be usable and wearable, but these are my most treasured items in terms of all-around appeal.


The highlights are Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson compacts, NARS x Sarah Moon palettes (not all items are pictured), YSL in limited edition packaging, Tatcha tinted camellia balms, and a fancy Dior holiday nail polish which I have yet to wear but it looks like an alchemist's potion. The Sephora travel brush is a special mention because, although it is nothing really precious, it is the prettiest brush I own and my heart flutters every time I use it.

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