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Makeup Treasures

As makeup lovers we tend to amass quite a large collection, but we all have our favored treasures. I was hoping we could share and discuss some of our most special items. 


I don't necessarily mean favorites. I mean:


- Sentimental items

- Limited Edition collector items

- Next-Level-Dazzlers (items that take our makeup to the next level, and just make us feel glamorous and extraordinary)


Bring out your goods!  🙂



Re: Makeup Treasures

Oh that confetti powder! It's really too bad it never made it here. I had it on my wish list too. Glad someone was looking out for you!

Re: Makeup Treasures


Re: Makeup Treasures

Wow, these are all absolutely stunning. Guerlain's poudre de soie is particularly gorgeous. 

Re: Makeup Treasures

Here are mine. It's probably a lot but #whateverrrr these are the things I would try to save in a fire.




Row 1: These are my sentimental items. The lipsticks (CT Pillow Talk and TF Demsey) were given to me by wonderful friends. I never thought I would ever have anything from Tom Ford! And my boyfriend bought me the Too Faced Baby Love Blush. It's not my favorite, and I don't care for Too Faced as a brand - but it's important to me.


Row 2: These are my most special LE items. I bought the magnolia powder in the Epcot France Givenchy store at Disney. It was a fancy experience for me. The blushes are the Chantacaille Save the Wolves, and MAC Guo Pei Red Water Lily.


Row 3: These are the things that make me feel really glamorous. These are my dazzlers (LG diamond dust highlighter, NARS cassiopeia, Chanel new moon, and Colourpop Koosh)

Re: Makeup Treasures

@ShannonAlexis that MAC compact made me gasp ! so very beautiful

Re: Makeup Treasures

Everything is so pretty, especially that Chantecaille blush! 💖

Re: Makeup Treasures

Such a beautiful photo @ShannonAlexis!


that save the Wolves blush is super pretty 😊

Re: Makeup Treasures

I love that blush, the little wolf is starting to disappear though! 

Re: Makeup Treasures

What a beautiful collection of products! That Givenchy packaging is stunning.


I have really loved some of Chantecaille's LE releases, but always seem to miss out. If I ever finally get something I know it'll be dearly treasured as well.  🙂

Re: Makeup Treasures

i love this. can't wait to play. gonna be thinking about it and collecting my things and will post soon. 

Re: Makeup Treasures

Great thread! 😄



The first product that comes to mind is the LE Dior Precious Embroidery palette. It's just stunning. So stunning I can barely use it. But I do, because the shades are as beautiful as a sequin detailing of the shadows themselves:


upload_588698327744067915.jpgETA: not my photo, found it on google. 

Another one that comes to mind is the Tom Ford Honeymoon quad. It is the most luxe product I've purchased for myself.


There's also a Mac lipstick that has a place in my heart. My boyfriend, who knows nothing about makeup, went into Mac because he wanted to get me a lipstick for Christmas. The SA spent about 45 minutes swatching 50 different shades on her arms. He picked the shade 'Mehr'. Little did he know I had been eyeing that shade and had it waiting in my cart online! 😄 I honestly thought he'd peeked at my account to get an idea, but nope, he chose it all by himself. Knowing how out of his element he was in that store, it meant the world to me that he went through all that trouble to find me the perfect lipstick. 😊


Re: Makeup Treasures

@Asche  Your boyfriend is a keeper. 🙂  And that Dior  palette- those are my colors.  I hope they reissue it!

Re: Makeup Treasures

Oooh, Honeymoon may be one of mine, too! And that Dior quint is gorgeous. @Asche

Re: Makeup Treasures

@TKLJ Honeymoon is so beautiful! Definitely the one product that makes me feel extra glamorous! 😄

Re: Makeup Treasures

Omg that Dior palette is literally too pretty to use. 😭 

Re: Makeup Treasures

It is! I wish I'd bought two: one to use, one to look at. 😛

Re: Makeup Treasures

Wow @Asche - what a pretty palette!

Re: Makeup Treasures

The Dior eyeshadow palette is gorgeous!! 

Re: Makeup Treasures

@Asche That is a stunning palette, and a very sweet memory. One of my items is a blush that I don't particularly love, but my boyfriend picked it out on his own. It means a lot when our partners do something so sweet and out of their comfort zone for us!

Re: Makeup Treasures

That is very sweet @ShannonAlexis! It is really touching when guys do stuff like that. 

Re: Makeup Treasures

I think my most treasured item is the Laura Mercier LE 2013 Artists palette.  Of course, now it's permanent.  I love the colors and how well they coordinate with each other.  I always end up with a great eye look.

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