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Facial hair

Hi sephora community page,

I'm a teenager who has very fast growing facial hair. I tried home waxing and it worked... for a couple days and then it grew back. Recently I have been using the tweezerman facial hair remover. The first time I used it was last week and by now the hair has already grown back!!! So I have a couple of questions. First of all, if I keep tweezing or waxing my hair how often should I do it. Second, does anyone know a better product for me to try. I have dark hair and I'm scared of bleaching it. ahdjskjsb teenagehood is so hard. Lol thanks for taking your time to help a girl out. 

It's so tough being a teenage girl with side burns and a...

It's so tough being a teenage girl with side burns and a mustache. I had those when I was 12/13! 😞 I just kept waxing as soon as the hair was long enough. Eventually the hair became finer and I don't have to do it very often any more. I'm 31 now. On the plus side, the mustache often comes with some gorgeous thick hair. I bet you have that too.

RE: Facial hair

Hi there. I agree with others about getting your hormones checked if possible to see if PCOS is an issue. One thing you can do is drink spearmint tea to help reduce the growth of facial hair. It affects your hormones to help prevent this. You can google further if you're curious but I've heard and experienced it myself.

RE: Facial hair

I have the same problem as you and it's honestly such a hassle, but the first thing I recommend you to do is going to the doctor get your hormones check out because you may have polycystic ovary syndrome which make you grow unwanted hair were you don't really want it to belong and they may get you to go on birth control to regulate your hormones but that a other story, if you do laser it cost a lot of money and you may need to do more then 7 session depending how thick and coarse your facial hair is, in some cases your facial hair may reach a point were laser won't work anymore for some of the remaining hair on your face, in which case you have to go to electrolysis which also cost money but it's very effective, ( or you can just do electrolysis but it would take longer and more money) if your parents won't be helping with the cost of laser then I recommend waxing or maybe the lasers at Sephora but I personally never try them and try not to use any of the nairs face removal not only does it smell like hell me and my sister notice that if you put foundation on after using nairs it make it look funny. Sorry for the long read but I hope it helps

Re: Facial hair

I have an epilator and I love it. The Panasonic one I have comes with a charging cord, a bunch of different heads and it is wet/dry. Definitely a good investment. It's quicker than tweeting, less messy than waxing, barely hurts and you'd save money by not buying wax all the time or going to an esthetician. 

RE: Facial hair

@IvoryLibra I would see if your parents can take you to see an endocrinologist. You sound like you have a hormonal imbalance. Possible pcos -poly cystic ovarian syndrome. To address your immediate need try waxing with a hard wax. This won't damage your skin. Start watching your hair growth pattern. Your hair doesn't all grow at the same time. You have four growth cycles. You may wax today but the hair that hasn't broke through the surface maybe what your seeing. I would say stay away from mainly tweeting because it can cause ingrown hair depending on how you pluck it. If you have a lot of facial hair then the tweeting can irritate your skin

Re: Facial hair

Research laser or go for threading. 

Laser: for longer term care, reduction and getting rid of it almost completely. 

Threading: if you are not ready for a step like laser or don't want to spend the $ on that. Great way to maintain facial hair. 

RE: Facial hair

One that worked really well for my was the Olay facial hair remover.

Re: Facial hair

Several people have suggested laser hair removal; since you would be removing hair from only a small area, electrolysis may be more cost effective, depending on what's available in your area.

Re: Facial hair

I Did bleach when I was in high school as well but ultimately I still didn't like that you could see the hair if you were up close to me. 


The thing about waxing/tweezing is that all your hair doesn't all grow at the same time so you may have to do it as often as once a week. 


Im Italian so I have pretty dark hair and a lot of hair and was fortunate that my parents paid for laser hair removal. If you can do that I really think it's the way to go Laser hair removal really really helped but it's a commitment hair grows at different times so it will take multiple sessions to work and it isn't cheap. You could also look into getting an at home version it's not has effective but I have one for some straggler hairs and I started using it under my arms and it's made a difference 

RE: Facial hair

Hey girl, just be careful with laser on your face because I got my upper lip and some other spots done and it still comes in regularly... did nothing for me at all.

RE: Facial hair

Hi there! Just popping in to say give bleaching a chance. I started when i was 15 on my face and arms, it was the greatest thing i did for myself back then. I did get laser hair removal in my early twenties but i still bleach my arm hairs lol. If u wanna chat about hairy girl problems I'm here for you 🙂

RE: Facial hair

I personally do not battle with issue but my friend does. She's tried everything in the book to keep it away but would need to do weekly waxing she is in the process of getting laser treatments though. But when she was a teen her mom helped her get her own waxy set to help her not need to go to the salon so much.
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