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Self Tanning

What is the best self tanner for a beginner. I always seem to get an orange color when I tan. 

Re: Self Tanning

@StephanieA84I personally started with TAN-LUXE THE GRADUAL Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion 8.45 oz/ 250 mL  and the drudstore jergens. I've also used Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Light  plus their drops, foam, and the new moisturizer- I'll try and sum up my thoughts.


The jergens darker shade is the easiest by far and most buildable. It's a nice texture, sinks in nicely, stains nothing, and I get none of the fake tan smell, However, that is truly a daily moisturizer- you really have to use it everyday to build and maintain color, it takes 4 plus applications to see anything noticeable, and it is very heavily fragranced. This is great as a maintenance/ fade slowing product IMO.


The Gradual builds the color I am looking for (more base/sun kissed glow) in two applications which I have found is perfect for me. Before you use a stronger tanning lotion you'll want to exfoliate in the shower and put a base layer of lotion on any common dry patches- ankles, knees, elbows, hands and wrists- the color stains dead/dry skin cells so the base layer prevents staining/ darker dyed spots. The reason I like a 2-layer lotion is because you can even out any color differences and scrub out/ avoid any darker stained areas with the second application. This lotion is super runny, so more difficult to control, and takes a little time to sink it. This is a benefit IMO because you have more control over the amount you want to work in as well as more buffing out time= more even/ streak free application. It definitely develops a tanner smell, so I do it overnight and shower the next morning. There really isn't any avoiding this. The original scent is like powdery laundry scent. You will need to wash your hands and wrists thoroughly after you apply or you'll definitely get palm staining with this.


The isle of paradise lotion is thicker, sinks in faster, and gives better color at once IMO. There are pros and cons there too but I'm still getting the hang of that one. Overall I think it's too dark for my tastes which makes it more tricky than I feel it's worth to continue working around/ using. I'll finish the bottle but I wouldn't repurchase. If you were looking for more of an actual "tan" color/look, this may be in your 2-use sweet spot.


As for the Isle of paradise drops- hard pass for me. I could never seem to get the amount quite right and taking the time to mess around with mixing it into another product was an inconvenient nope.


The spray mist- hard to know if you were getting even coverage over large areas, so not great for your body. However, I found the lightest shade works well for my face/ give a light spray over small target areas while I use other products in the medium shade for my body. *Your face also soaks up more product/ tends to display darker or faster coloring so always use a lighter product there*


The Isle of Paradise Foam- I really like this. I get it in the medium shade, the light takes a little too long/ too many pumps to build color IMO. It stays wet long enough to thoroughly buff out with a mitt to a smooth, nearly flawless finish with minimal staining or streaking issues and it's super easy and probably faster/easier (but about the same) to apply IMO. Drawbacks- it feels a little sticky for a minute while it dries, it's best to do right out of the shower while all your skin is fully hydrated for the most even application, it definitely gets the smell, and I think the set time is slightly longer (overnight is still plenty of time).



TL;DR- Isle of paradise foam or Tan Luxe the Gradual



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