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Best body creams for uneven skin tone?

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read! I'm very new to skincare. I just ordered my first haul about a week ago with most items tackling my KP, so I'm excited to try them out! I'm looking to order a second hall sometime around the end of the month or early June. There are so many products out there that seem to tackle skin care issues for the face, but there doesn't seem to be much within body beyond moisturizing? Like I said, I'm new so maybe I don't know what to look for, but could you guys recommend a cream to use on my body for uneven skin tone? Doesn't have to be a cream or lotion, but just anything out there that can work against the problem for the body? 

I would also appreciate any recommendations for products that diminish the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, or just help with elasticity and firming? Again, thank you all for reading! 

Best body creams for uneven skin tone?

@YasminElisabeth. I can't believe I forgot CeraVe, which is the rubber stamp of what's good for skin!! They have a body lotion, the SA Lotion for Rough and Bumpy Skin that has lactic acid in it along with the usual phat juicy ceramides that firm skin! Ulta has that as well.

Best body creams for uneven skin tone?

Tbh, when it comes to body products, Ulta is a much better resource than Sephora is. They have several products that would work to even out your skin tone. The brand Alpha is very old school, the first brand to use AHAs in its products, I think. They have both lotions and washes available. The brand DermaDoctor has a KP Duty line that also uses glycolic acid. KP is short for keratosis pillaris, the condition where little tiny bits of dead skin form red dots on the skin and look like chicken skin. The same acid that gently removes those bumps will remove the dead cells off the surface of your skin to even your tone. First Aid Beauty also has a KP line, at least a scrub. Whatever products you choose, you really need to find a good body sunscreen you like to keep your tone even, or you'll end up right back with a farmer tan. Amlactin is another lotion that most drugstores carry, and it also uses gentle acids. If you want to move faster, soaps like Likas or Kojic are available from Amazon and work similarly. Asia is rife with terrific skin brightening products, but be careful to stick with reputable products with lots of reviews. Hydroquinone is a very controversial ingredient due to possible side effects, and it's best to avoid it. Serious brands like Shiseido and Hada Labo use safe ingredients to brighten skin, they just don't really market to the US, so you can find them on Amazon. There are also supplements you can take that will fade discoloration, specifically glutathione works really well to fade scarring and discoloration. I take it to fade a nasty surgical scar on my ankle and found that as a bonus, it fades all the little red scars from old acne on my face that always took years to fade. As far as treating stretch marks and cellulite, there are expensive af products that make a lot of claims but whether or not they work and are worth the price is something you should research more for yourself. Using a gentle AHA product will not just even your skin tone, it will also even the texture, and you may find that this is enough for you. I remember reading years ago that cocoa butter was best for elastin, but that was for preventing stretch marks rather than treating them, and it was also decades of new ingredients ago. I have heard that StriVectin is good for stretch marks, but I'm not exaggerating, their intense repair cream for stretch marks is $139 for a four-ounce tube, and that's not a lot of ounces for a body product! There are a bunch of tightening Crepe Erase creams, but those are designed to work on thin skin, and it doesn't sound like your skin is thin yet. I personally think that when it comes to keeping skin firm, you are better off feeding it from the inside with collagen peptides powder to give it what it needs to be phat and juicy, and use reasonably good lotions on the outside. Antioxidants are always good for skin. Things like nutrition and drinking water make a big difference I can see every day. I started taking collagen powder because I was having shoulder pain, and after about a month, I suddenly looked like I had a cheek lift! But to start, take a look at Ulta at some of the products I mentioned and see what sounds good!
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