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Using anti-aging products at 21?

I know some people say to start early while others also told me that the earlier you start using anti-aging products none will work for you in your later life. Opinion? Iโ€™ve got my eyes set on the Dior capture youth collection. 


My current routine:

Kiehl's calendula deep cleansing foaming cleanser

Lush breath of fresh air toner 

SK II Facial Treatment Essence Eye

Skindrink Moisturizer 


Yes, I do use sunscreen everyday and exfoliate every now and then 


Cure Natural Aqua Gel

For sunscreen I recently switched to Biore, was using IOPE UV Shield Sun Cushion SPF50+

Re: Using anti-aging products at 21?

I'm not one to believe in things stop working and I also don't think that skin care products (except for sunscreen) are going to stop the aging process. Yes, not smoking and avoiding the sun will do wonders for keeping skin less wrinkled but even then skin will still wrinkle. Genes and fat also play a factor. People that are heavier has natural fillers hence skin looks less wrinkled (I have lots of filler..smiles).


At 21, I'm not going to say that you shouldn't use those products because it's your skin and your money. However, they won't change your genes or the effects of your lifestyle. Heck, I didn't use moisturizer daily until I hit mid-30's. Just be careful falling into a trap thinking that you must use all these steps or products that are overly expensive. I just discovered The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factor for $5.80 and love, love, love it. 

RE: Using anti-aging products at 21?

I definitely do not believe that you will develop a resistance to products if you start to young. However... I will say beware of luxury brands like Dior. They tend to have nasty ingredients that actually accelerate aging, but they feel so nice that you think itโ€™s doing a good job while itโ€™s actually making you older faster.

Re: Using anti-aging products at 21?

@lUVCA I don't believe in that theory, either ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Using anti-aging products at 21?

@lUVCA, I personally don't believe in the "stop working" theory.  I had to switch products as I entered my 40s because my skin switched from oily to combination  (some parts are drier now) and I use stronger products.  The number one thing I think everyone should use at all ages are a retinol product and a good sunscreen (good for you for using sunscreen already!)  Retinols really keep your skin young.  Some you shouldn't use while pregnant and nursing so I picked mine back up again in my early 30s. I hope this helps!

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