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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

Ok so I need some advice!!


I'm a personal trainer and work out A TON, some days twice a day. That means I am washing my face a lot, and I was just wondering what some suggestions are to keep my skin from drying out and breaking out.


As of right now I do cardio at 5am, shower and wash my face with Murad, go to work, then come home and lift weights. Before I lift I use a makeup removing pad to take off my foundation. My question is, should I be cleansing my face post workout as well? I sweat A LOT by the way!!


If Im going out again I'll put some makeup back on, then of course wash my face AGAIN at night with murad.


I have acne prone skin and large pores, so I NEED to wash my face or else I will for sure break out. Suggestions??

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

A gentle cream cleanser won't strip your skin like a gel would. 

FAB & Clarins have nice ones & you only need a tiny bit (less than a pea size) to get a good clean. 

I agree with the other ladies on the cleansing water. It's hydrating & takes the makeup & sweat off. 

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

When I work out I find that Boscia Puryfing gel cleanser works best. It keeps my skin from getting that itchy feeling once you start to sweat. 


Right now I am using LUSH fresh farmacy , this is best keeps my face moisturized and I dont break out. Smiley Happy 

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

A suuuuper super gentle cleanser that you could use inbetween times is CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.  It feels very light but it definitely cleanses while hydrating at the same time.  I'd recommend using something gentle like that and then use Murad for your morning/night cleansings.


I also like lylysa's suggestion of using a cleansing water.  I do pretty frequently -- come home from work, remove makeup with the cleansing water, and follow up with a hydrating spray or light moisturizer.  Then later at night I use my normal cleanser.  Sephora carries cleansing (micellar) waters from Lancome, Caudalie, Koh Gen Doh, and NARS.  Other brands are Avene and La Roche Posay.

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

CeraVe launched a Foaming version of their Hydrating cleanser meant for oily skin too! Smiley Very Happy


And ahhh, La Roche!!!

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

I just love CeraVe!  I actually use the foaming cleanser most of the time (just can't give up the luxury of a foaming cleanser even though it's bad for dry skin), but switch to the hydrating cleanser if my skin is feeling dry or irritated.  Good stuff!!

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

I'm a huge fan of Shiseido's Beneficiance Cleanser to use with Murad's on a daily basis:


You may also want to check out Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam:


or The Skincare Cleansing Foam:


I also highly recommend using a toner.

Re: I need cleanser suggestions please!!!

Cleansing after working out is a great idea because you're removing toxins released from the body as well as removing sweat, oil, and other debris that can linger on skin.


Your concern about finding the right cleanser and not wanting to over-cleanse/over strip your face is natural and very understandable. 


Have you considered using cleansing wipes or cloths that also nourish and put back into your skin what is being sweated and worked out?


Korres has a very gentle formula in their Pomegranate Cleansing & Make Up Remover Wipes which is made for oily/combination skin.


It's great for acne prone oil and large pores, but since it's not specifically geared for acne treatment you won't have to worry about overdosing your skin with salicylic acid or heavy acne treatments which might cause skin to dry out with excessive use.


You might even consider using a gentle, cleansing water if you absolutely require a rinsing of the skin rather than a good wipe down.


Sephora makes a nice gentle formula that shouldn't strip skin during multiple uses in a day:


Or you can even use a water mist to refreshen skin after use of cleansing cloths just so skin gets some water exposure but not too much:

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