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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I finally went to the dermatologist

I decided to go to a dermatologist after dealing with some hormonal acne. I was prescribed antibiotics Monodox (Doxycycline) and a topical cream Aczone. I had reviews and there were some good and some bad. If anyone has ever used any of these can you tell me your experience, I know the effects depend on the person. But I like to have some hope by reading good stuff. I am only on day 2 but I notice more bumps on my cheeks, so hopefully it's a purge stage.

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

I've been using Aczone for the last 3.5 months or so. It seems to work, but dries out my skin. Make sure you moisturize! It also made my acne worse for a week or two, but after that it got better.


I went back to my dermatologist a couple weeks ago, and I'm now taking antibiotics as well. I think it's the same one you're taking. Haven't seen much of a difference yet, but I'll post an update here if it does improve. Smiley Happy

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

O someone else using it, great! Please update after you have been taking the pills for awhile. Do you have any moisturizer recommendations, because the one right now I am using I don't think is doing good with the cream.

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

I'm currently using Cerave's moisturizer (fragrance-free & very lightweight, you can find it in your local drugstore) for normal to dry skin, but I just ordered Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense during the sale to try out:


Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

I got a bacterial cyst on my face earlier this year when i attended the disney 24 hr monstrous summer event. All night in the heat with make up on then I made a big mistake... i sat down on the pavement and got germs all over my hands and kept touching my face. The next day in the same spot I had a huge lump the size of a quarter so I ran to the dermatologist. She said my choices were antibiotics or surgery. one would leave a scar so naturally I chose monodox. I was on it for 2 months. Its very small which is important to me. She also was very adamant to tell me to eat food with it or it would most likely give me an upset stomach so I did. The weirdest part was is that you can't lay down for 30 minutes after taking it. within i think 6 hours after taking it I could feel tingling and deflation in the area of the cyst. It was amazing and within a week it was almost not there. I freak out over pills and side effects and usually chicken out and dont take my pills I need to. But I am very happy that I took a chance on monodox. It did also seems to clear up some acne I had, too.

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

Oh those are good results. Yeah she told me not to lay down after taking it, which I was surprised by. Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope!

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

OMG.. I just posted similiarly about starting Epiduo.


I also take Efacea, which is the brand name of Doxycycline I think, and it is much better.  If you can get a card that will charge you no more than $20, its so worth it,.


The Epiduo is still up in the air for me.

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

Yep she gave me a discount card which I have to still call and activate. But hopefully we will have good results Smiley Very Happy

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

I've been using Aczone and Finacea for over a year neither worked wonders they do work together for really bad breakouts but I am now on Spironolactone and a dairy free diet (1-1.5 years) and the two topicals. After two months of the spironolactone the cysts are better but not gone. I should say I have only a few cysts at a time and only on my chin but they rarely respond to topicals alone because they are so deep. The dairy free diet helped tremendously at first but now if I even eat a food that touched dairy it causes a massive breakout because my sensitivity has heightened. I treat it as an actual food allergy now.

Re: I finally went to the dermatologist

When I originally went to see my dermatologist, he prescribed doxycycline (an antibiotic), spironolactone (a testosterone suppressant), Retin-A, and an oral contraceptive. After a few months he had me stop using the doxycycline, so now I'm just on spironolactone, an oral contraceptive, and Retin-A. It's been a really, really tough journey, but my skin looks EXPONENTIALLY better than it did a year ago. The first few months were really rough, but now it's mostly scarring that I'm dealing with, and the Retin-A helps a lot with smoothing that out.


These treatments can be rough, but definitely keep it up. Your dermatologist wouldn't recommend it if they didn't believe it would help your skin Smiley Happy

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