Holiday Haul :)

What did you get for the holidays (makeup or not?)  

-A lot of chocolate and candycanes

-iTunes cards

-24 tv show boxed set (all 8 seasons) 

-Batman, Batman Returns, Batman and Robin, and Batman Forever movies

- Tarina Tarantino eye dream hyperliner in Spark of Envy

- A fuzzy batherobe from Victoria's Secret

- A hoodie from American Eagle

and some other stuff. 

Re: Holiday Haul :)

Im very picky when in comes to gifts so I always ask my parents for cash or gift cards so I can really buy what I want.  So I got cash, a few gift cards from Forever 21, Express, the mini skincare kit from Benefit Cosmetics, a few nail polishes for my manicure addiction, and I think thats it.... :smileyhappy: I already used the F21 gift card and I've been using the Benefit Cosmetics skincare kit and I love it.... 

Re: Holiday Haul :)

fun! I got some great gifts (nothing crazy but i was really happy with them) and the beauty related ones were a lush golden wonder bomb (amazing!) and a sweet makeup mirror with 4 light settings! it's super fun to play with!

Re: Holiday Haul :)

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Aww you all received some great gifts! :smileyhappy:


I never know what I want for holidays..  I purchased most things I really wanted myself to make it easier on my family. :smileywink:


-LOTS of tea (green, peppermint, chamomile, etc. )

-a huge makeup organizing shelf/tray

-an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow (diabetics can't eat sugar, this is the closest I can get!)

-a few sweaters I can wear for work (black and gray!)

-Money which is always useful

-hairclips and some makeup accessories (I'm hard to shop for, most ppl know what not to get me in makeup!)

-new jacket I LOVE with a huge faux fur collar


All very simple things that make me happy. But a puppy and a huge case of perrier water would have been amazing LOL

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Holiday Haul :)

[ Edited ]

- A digital camera

- Handmade crafts from Chile and a book of poems by Pablo Neruda

- A donation to my favourite charity

- Lingerie

- Olive oil and balsamic vinegar set

- A yoga mat

- German philosophy books

- Vintage wine


No makeup this year! It's ok, I think I have enough :smileywink:

Re: Holiday Haul :)

You guys all got amazing gifts! I didn't receive any makeup this year, which is fine...I already have and get so much.


-Lounge pants

-Truffles (they're so good!)

-Lots of gift cards

-A ring box

-A variety of different goodies from Lush


-A flat screen TV

-A really pretty nightgown

-A hoodie

-Tickets to a comedy show


Whimsically yours,

Re: Holiday Haul :)

-Kindle Fire -Coach Poppy parfum (SO good!) -An adorable top -A blazer -A dress -A skirt -$135 worth of forever21 giftcards (my absolute favorite store) -$50 Sephora giftcard -A new brush set! My aunt got me the pink sephora collection :smileyvery-happy: -A very pretty traditional turquoise ring <3 -ALOT of makeup (: -Pink pepper spray (it looks like lipstick lol, my sister got me it) -So friggen much candy -Nail polish I can't think of what else :smileytongue: lol. Hope you all have a GREAT HOLIDAY! :smileyvery-happy: LexiKaye <3

Re: Holiday Haul :)

What I got for the Holidays!

-Naked2 Palette (I had to pay my mom for half)

-Philosophy 3-in-1 in Holiday Hugs

-Coach Poppy Flower perfume

-Sweet & Flirty Body Spray from Victoria's Secret

-A box of Ferrero Rocher (yum)

-A Francesca Battistelli CD (I have never heard her music before but it is actually really good!)

and some other stuff!

Re: Holiday Haul :)

Happy Holidays! :smileyhappy:

Clarisonic PRO Facial Brush

3 Mini Clarisonic Face Washes, I'm loving the blue kind... I think it's called the Refreshing Gel Cleanser or something like that?

Some lipglosses, don't know what shades, etc. and they aren't with me right now

Same thing with a few nail polishes

Some really cute & comfy pajajma pants (they're navy blue and lime green!)

Lots of headbands and hair accessories like flower clips, etc... I love them so much!!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume (I love it SO much!!)

A Deluxe Perfume Sampler set (came with a cute atomizer!)

an ADORABLE camera case my sister got for me

one of those "Bobble" water bottles that filter the water as you drink it... I got a pink one of course :smileyhappy:

Pink Sugarplum Bath&Body Works body wash... it smells SO amazing!! I'm going to buy more of that line before it's gone!!

A Sweet Pea gift set from B&BW... One of my favorite scents from them! It smells so clean and sweet at the same time!!

some Wii games, I don't play video games all that much but these are really fun!

some movies,

and lots of other things i'm forgetting or just don't feel like typing lol.


xoxo, Charlotte :smileyvery-happy:

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