if i get 100 pints and i recieve my sample i have to start over the beauty points?
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i went to the store and they told me that i hit the 100 points reward so i accept it and when i get home i check that i got only 8  points, so im confuse if i wasnt accept it maybe i woud still having 100 points and i can still saving but in this case i dont know how to do.

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Indeed, once you hit your 100 beauty points you are are eligible for one of three deluxe samples. If you choose to accept the sample it will deduct the 100 points off of your points balance, since each sample costs 100 points. If you choose not to accept the sample your points will continue to accumulate and you are progressing towards your 500 beauty points. If you accumulate 500 points you are then eligible for an even bigger limited edition sample/kit. Hope this helped.
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