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Clarisonic "withdrawal" question

I'm strongly considering getting a Clarisonic (not sure yet which one) to deal with my blackheads, large pores, and (lately at least) stress acne (I feel like I'm 15 again!). I've read a lot of great reviews, including some info on purging at the beginning of Clarisonic use. But I was wondering if my skin might also freak out if I went off the Clarisonic for a few days after a long time of regular use.


Basically, I travel semi-regularly for business, and I don't want to have to bring the Clarisonic with me. I realize the Mia is for travel, and I would bring it on a longer vacation (e.g., a week or more). But if I'm going on a two- or three-day trip, that's really not an option. Does anyone have experience with spending a few days just washing with hands or a washcloth again? I definitely don't want to have a sudden breakout in the middle of an important meeting, of all times. I would definitely do a test-run before an actual trip, since everyone's skin is different, but I am wondering if people seem to develop a dependence like this. Thanks in advance!

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You don't have to worry about "withdrawal" from the Clarisonic. I travel a LOT and since I have the full size Clarisonic, I leave it at home when I'm on the road. I just wash with my regular face wash while traveling and don't get any breakouts. Though by the end of a week away from home, I can see more blackheads than when I am home and using the Clarisonic, but other than this cosmetic issue, nothing bad happens.  Have fun with your new Clarisonic, I think it is the best investment I've made in my skin!

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Hi Nicolebythelake!  A few days without your Clarisonic shouldn't cause your skin to freak out. Smiley Happy When I've gone without for a few days, I can definitely tell a difference in the texture of my skin because it isn't getting as clean and my products don't absorb quite as well. 


When I have neglected to put my Clarisonic on the charging base and the battery has run down, I have gone a few days without using it after regular daily use and have had no bad reactions from not using it so I don't think you'd have any trouble with leaving it at home while you travel.

Also, not everyone has the initial "skin breakout" when they first start using the brush.  I had no trouble when I first started using mine (and I have sensitive skin), so it just varies from person to person.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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My experience with it has been so good I that I would probably make room for it to take along....Smiley Happy Yes, I like it that much, and the Mia doesn't take up much space.  I don't believe you would break out however if you didn't use it for a few days.

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Get Acnetix instead. Clears up skin, doesnt dry you out, doesnt cost as much and you can pour it into travel sized bottles

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