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Fab Feb Hauls: TREAT YO SELF!
Did you follow the official Treat Yo Self guide?  Alright - let's see 'em!
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Isn't Saint gorgeous?! When I got my two, I literally stared at them for about two minutes I was so happy :D see post
Q. Colorful Liquid Eyeliner
Hi everyone! I've been getting really into wearing more colorful liquid eyeliners lately, but I've had one problem: on, the top-rated ones are usually black, brown, or grey! I really would prefer to use a liquid, or a gel if I really have to. So, my question to you is: what is the best liquid eyeliner that comes in colors such as gold, silver, blue, etc.?
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A. I love Urban Decay's 24/7 Liquid Liner and it comes in a myriad of colors, half of which I own.  Sephora stopped carrying it for some reason, but if you aren't opposed t... see post
New too faced
When will the new too faced palettes be on sephora. The natural matte the sugar pop and the selfie powders. 
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ISO brown bloggers/vloggers
I am a woman of woman.  I love looking at makeup videos/blogs for new makeup ideas.   I currently follow a few ladies on the interwebs, but I'm always on the hunt for WOC (any women of color they don't have to be black/AA) offerings.   I'm looking for makeup bloggers/vloggers not ladies who are trying to sell me hair/clothes/lifestyle etc.  I don't mind if they offer those things as well but I'm looking for makeup as the main offering.   I know we can't post links, but if you can just add names, we can google the rest.   I watch brown girls, but I'd love to add some brown guys to the list.     I currently watch: Toni Daley QueenMicka28 Ckey TifJef069 KokoFemme ScandalousBeauty MoTheFace PlatinumD TheyCallMe_Mo Queenii Rosenblad Makeup Game On Point Destiny Godley MissBeautyBunni TheFancyFaced ColouredBeautiful TotalMakeupJunkie101 ThomasAdrianna Neek
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I don't know how I missed Missy Lynn.  Complete brain fart.  AND she just came out with a palette with BH cosmetics.    Go check her out.   If you're able please buy... see post
Mascara Help
Hi y'all! I am looking for a super conditioning mascara that will not smudge or flake! I have dry, brittle lashes with an oily eye area.  Bad mix!  I have tried Clinique lash power- and it's good but a little drying.  It only lasts a couple of weeks as well.    Hit me up!!!
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Secret Stash ;)
I know many of you do it.  Where do you guys keep your sample stashes??    Keeping mine in the box that carried my Starbucks tumbler at the moment. But as you all can see.  Time to move to bigger!!! I can't wait  
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Great idea! see post
What is your favorite mascara and why?
So i just purchased Better than sex mascara yesterday , and i Got YSL shocking mascara today , i like both of them but i dont need both of them , i dont know which one to keep now , what do you think? And whats your favorite mascara and why?
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My favorite is Clinique High Impact. It give volume and length, and still looks glossy. It doesn't smudge, either. I've used this for years and I always come back to it.... see post
Belif: new skincare brand launching at sephora!
today, i received some products from Sephora, by a brand called Belif.   its a Korean skincare brand that will be launching at Sephora in March.   i was so excited to receive these products because it's the first time i've been sent something from Sephora.   i'm going to try one of the moisturizers tonight and i'll be back to update ~~   have any of you tried products from this brand? or received them from Sephora?
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I received them as well, my first gift from Sephora (thank you Sephora). I like (love) the Korean brands because they offer so much value for the money and are often jus... see post
A Good Undereye Setting Powder Rec?
Hello everyone! Hope everyone's having a gorgeous day!   I need some good recommendations for an undereye setting powder and maybe a new concealer recommendation while I'm at it. My major concern is having the concealer look natural and having it not settle into fine lines. Here's some info about me:   -I'm a 2y09 with the IQ system here (so I'm kind of a coppery/tanned tone irl) -I have dry/normal skin with no blemishes anywhere besides the eye -Genetic dark circles that are a ***** to cover -I have seasonal allergies (Spring/Fall mostly) -Right now I use MUFE HD Concealer in 12 -I use LM Tinted Moisturizer in Tawny   I heard a lot of people recommend the Anastasia contour palette but I don't want to buy a whole palette if I'm going to use one color, you know? But I also have to do what I have to do so if it's highly recommended I'll bite the bullet.   Thank you for your help!
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Subscription box photo sharing
I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!   (I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)
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My first month since I re-subed.  see post
Nail Polish Challenge!
In the spirit of all the other wonderful challenges on BT right now, I'm starting up a nail polish challenge for us.  I have a ridiculous stash and I need to show my polish some love.   With nail polish, once a day would be absurd (of course), so let's try and show off a new look and polish once a week.  I'm personally going with manicures only, but if you'd rather do pedicures or even both go for it!   I'm eager to see your collections and meet other polish junkies.  It's past time for me to commit to using my stash!   Past: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Week 1 - No Theme (ends 1/31/15): Nicole by OPI Gumdrops in Cinna-Man of My Dreams Week 2 (2/1-2/7) - Winter's Last Hurrah: Julep in Fina, Ciate in Snow Fall Week 3 (2/8-2/14) - Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's: Formula X in Starfish, accent Julep in Yuki Week 4 (2/15-2/21) - Mardi Gras and/or Chinese New Year: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Lemon Drop, Julep in Beverly, Wet & Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch Week 1 - No Theme (ends 1/31/15): Nicole by OPI Gumdrops in Cinna-Man of My DreamsWeek 2 (2/1-2/7) - Winter's Last Hurrah: Julep in Fina, Ciate in Snow FallWeek 3 (2/8-2/14) - Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's: Formula X in Starfish, accent Julep in YukiWeek 4 (2/15-2/21) - Mardi Gras and/or Chinese New Year: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Lemon Drop, Julep in Beverly, Wet & Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch   Current:   Week 5 (2/22-2/28) - Textures Textured polishes, pearls, mattes, sequins, anything that adds something different to the usual smooth manicure!   Future OPTIONAL Themes: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Week 6 (3/1-3/7) - International Women's Day (actually 3/8, but this way your nails are done for the occasion!) Create a mani inspired by a woman you admire.  Friend, family, famous, even fictional - whatever inspires you.  Then share how you chose the look! Week 7 (3/8-3/14) - Numbers and/or Sweets for Pi Day! (3/14) I couldn't resist including this.  Pi(e) Day is a great way for math and pie lovers to unite.  Feature numbers, equations, desserts, or anything inspired by your sweet tooth for this week. Week 8 (3/15-3/21) - St. Patrick's Day (3/17) Find your favorite shades of green and get ready for the holiday! Week 9 (3/22-3/28) - Springtime In honor of the first day of spring last week, let's get those spring colors and looks out and show them off. Week 6 (3/1-3/7) - International Women's Day (actually 3/8, but this way your nails are done for the occasion!)Create a mani inspired by a woman you admire.  Friend, family, famous, even fictional - whatever inspires you.  Then share how you chose the look!Week 7 (3/8-3/14) - Numbers and/or Sweets for Pi Day! (3/14)I couldn't resist including this.  Pi(e) Day is a great way for math and pie lovers to unite.  Feature numbers, equations, desserts, or anything inspired by your sweet tooth for this week.Week 8 (3/15-3/21) - St. Patrick's Day (3/17)Find your favorite shades of green and get ready for the holiday!Week 9 (3/22-3/28) - SpringtimeIn honor of the first day of spring last week, let's get those spring colors and looks out and show them off.
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Here's my textured entry!  It's Formula X Intergalactic.  I'm not generally a fan of textured polishes, but this one is really, really gorgeous.  It's all pale pink shim... see post
Deals too good to pass Up!
The only thing I love more than shopping is getting a great deal.  I've created a website, with the same name as this thread (minus spaces and the exclamation point), to share my passion with more people.  If you share here and want to keep the deal exclusive to BT viewers, just write for BT only in the post.   I will heart every deal I see .  If your deal does not have a heart from me, I have not seen it yet.  A heart with no comment means I already had your deal on my site or am not planning on listing it (I may already have a better offer or another possible reason).   Should I use your deal, I will thank you here and mention that it was "shared on BT" on my site.  Thanks again to everyone who shares!    If you find something full priced that is new and awesome, share it here. -Summer-2015-Found-in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/m-p/1 ...    
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I'm really tempted with this sale, but I know as soon as I purchase bogo or something is going to happen.  I have a few of the "luxury" line.  They are ok, but not for t... see post
Two things I would love help on!!!!
Two things. For some reason at the end of the day the makeup on my nose, around my nose and on my chin seem to be completely worn off. How can I get makeup int these areas to STAY on!! Also I use concealer for my under eyes. I use narz creamy concealer and then I set it with some powder and a beauty blender. And tips on how to make it not look Cakey or any suggestions on products? Thank you!!!!!!
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Thanks girls for all the replies and tips!!! I do use and origins eye cream which is amazing!!! I do apply the concealer with a sephora concealer brush which is really n... see post
Red Carpet beautyblender!!
  I haven't seen anything on the Sephora website, but I've seen a few of these in some stores, so I just want everyone to see.  I picked one up because I love the color red!  Plus side, it feels exactly the same as the pink one!  I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow *here's hoping it applies the same*
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I wonder if they are going to do a "color of the year" for BB  LOL.  I did buy the purple one and it never bled dye.  I wonder why this one bleeds so much? see post
Body Wash
I am looking for an Exfoliating Body Wash that I can use daily. Any suggestions?
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Oh no! I've never heard of that reaction from this product see post
What's in your arsenal to battle severely dry hands?
So where I live, the snow has been insane, and the weather is so cold that I start to tear up, and then my tears start to freeze. I digress.   I am experiencing my driest and cracked hands ever. For those who have similar issues, or are experiencing the frigid cold, what are your go-to products, and how often do you apply them?   At my disposal, I've currently got: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Laura Mercier Hand Lotions, in Fresh Fig and Creme de Pistache L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream   I apply these whenever my hands feel dry, but I am literally applying another round of lotion every 5-10 minutes, and my hands have remained unmoisturized and chapped. Help! How do you guys tackle chapped hands in the winter?
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I work in a hospital so I wash my hands about every 5 minutes (minimum). My hands are constantly dry and chapped. My go-to hand cream is AVEENO® Intense Relief Hand Crem... see post
good foundation for beginners
I am looking for a foundation that is light and not heavy. I do not normally wear foundation but have latley noticed more freckles and a few red spots that I would like to cover up. Something that will even out my face but not obvious that I have make up on. What type of foundation is recomened for me to try? Remember I am new to foundation!
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Light foundation won't cover freckles. I suggest using concealer on problem areas or using a powder foundation if you want to even skin tone.  see post
Q. hard painful pimple like bumps on neck, under chin and along lower jawline take weeks to go away
I keep getting these hard pimple like bumps on my neck and right under my chin also along my lower jawline, they are huge, painful, they never come to a head and take weeks to go away....What is this??? Im 22 and this has been happening for about a year now i need help its so annoying!!
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A. This is what you call cystic acne, and it sounds hormonal to me since it started in your early 20s and is on your jawline. It could also be in conjunction with not proper... see post
Biggest Skincare Regret Purchase?
Around this past Christmas and Black Friday I spent several hundred dollars on vamping up my skincare routine, I bought lots of sets from Sephora as well as a few other companies, one of the biggest product regrets I had was changing my eye makeup remover. I tried one from Sephora, one from Caudalie, one from Fresh and I absolutely hated them all. I just ended up going back to my original form of removal which is coconut oil. However, I hate this too because its such a big jar. Sigh.    Anyone else have product nightmare stories they want to share? doesn't necessarily have to be skincare, my second biggest regret purchase was the Benefit They're Real Mascara.     
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When my skin first started breaking out a few years back, I knew nothing about skincare. So, I just went on a hunt looking for products that had good reviews and were ai... see post
The best Corrector ???
Which is the best corrector, Bobbi Brown Peach or Giorgio Armani Orange ??? I have dry skin, very minimal darkness but deep hollows. I use a full coverage concealer but need a corrector as well. 
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I've used Eve Pearl's salmon corrector for years and it works really well under any concealer or foundation I've tried. There are a few and the one I use has a treatment... see post
What are you wearing today?
Was asked to post an updated thread. Let's continue the fun shall we?   What are you wearing today?   1. nars sheer glow foundation, mont blanc 2. perricone md no bronzer bronzer 3. urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, original 4. too faced chocolate bar palette 5. benefit theyre real mascara 6. rimmel london stay matte powder, natural 7. benefit dallas 8. nars blush, sin 9. buxom full on lipstick, las vegas
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Pretty! Fanny is really working for you! see post
Hair Extensions.. HELP!
I am completely new to hair extensions and need some help! I recently cut my hair just above my shoulders, which I am not fond of. I have been thinking of ordering hair extensions.   Has anyone bought from My Fantasy Hair? I like what they have thus far as they have different lengths. I want either 14" or 16". Would 150 grams be enough? I obviously would not want it to look tacky looking like I do have extensions in.    If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it as I am a COMPLETE newbie!!!! Thanks
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I dont know anything about the brand you mentioned but I have hair extensions. I have super thin, fine, naturally blonde straight hair. I was really concerned about exte... see post
what is a good dupe for mac's deep truth eyeshadow?
 I was wondering  any dupes? would make up forever Sapphire be close? Thanks Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Great cleansing oil?
Hi, I'm looking for a great cleansing oil that can remove all my makeups, including waterproof eye makeups. I've tried Tatcha Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and absolutely love it! However, the problem for me is that I don't wear makeups everyday, I usually only wear makeups at weekends. Since Tacha would expire in 6 month after opening, I won't finish one in time and it would be a waste. Now I'm looking for a cleansing oil that is great at removing all makeups. If nothing as great as Tatcha, then at least something close to it Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you!   Did anyone tried both Tatcha and Shu Uemura? What do you think?
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ivyxox I am currently looking for a good coconut oil. I know it is known to be a great makeup remover and moisturizer but does it actually cleanse too? Do you use the on... see post
Purchase Plans for Spring Social / Chic Week 15% off Sale
I like to plan for these sales way in advance. I know it's not till the end of March / early April but I thought this feed would be fun to see what everyone is considering! What do you plan on purchasing?   Here's what I'm considering... definitely need to slim down the list... what do you think are must haves out of these? Opinions on these products?          FRAGRANCE:   **To redeem for Gucci Flora By Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia      MAKEUP:                                   SKINCARE:               BRUSHES ETC:      
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That's so far, I don't think I could wait that long since I waited a whole year already. :P see post
Dangers of Josie Maran Argan Oil on Face
*EDIT*  This is a really old post, almost a year old, but I'm happy it was revived because it means people are using the search bar. Yay! HIGH FIVE! I'm not going to edit my previous post, because that would be wrong. I may have written it quickly & jumped the gun. Not all oils are bad, and not everyone will have the same results as me. Everyone's skin is different. Sephora & their employees like to overly promote the "flavor of the week". When this post was written, they were pushing Argan Oil non stop & I got a little frustrated with all the pushing of something Dermatologists weren't keen on.  I would like to add that, I am not using PTR oil-less oil, it's 100% squalane that is sugar derived (not sharks) and it works really well for me.    What I've recently found out though is that a lot of people are applying oils the wrong way . We were always taught to apply face products in order of thickness: toner/softener-> serum-> treatment-> moisturizer. The thing is oils are heavy, a lot heavier than most moisturizers even though they feel "light". Oils form a barrier and block Hyaluronic Acid and other benefit ingredients from penetrating into the skin . So really, you should be applying your oil last, to lock in all the moisture and benefits from your serums & moisturizer.      *ORIGINAL POST*  I've been using Argan Oil on my hair for years & never had a problem Recently I got the 500 pt perk that included her Argan Oil. Everyone raves about it's benefits on the face, so I figured I'd give it a shot since this cold weather has been brutal on my skin. I have not changed anything else in my skincare, or makeup routine. After about 5 days of nighttime use, I started noticing a rash developing on my face near my nose (my dry spot areas). So I did a little Google search and was shocked to see all the negatives about Argan Oil on the face. Argan oil has many benefits in food and on hair, but the FDA has not cleared it for use on the face. Dermatologists freak out when they hear patients use it because it can bring on rosacea and is highly comedogenic. Any oil (natural or not) will clog pores. I'm surprised Sephora promotes something when it is highly advised by Doctors not to be used on the face. 
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shopaholic2000 / NEWCOMER / replied
Here's the thing, the reason why oils work or don't work for people is because everybody has different skin.  So your best friend and the people at Sephora may swear by ... see post
Makeup for fluorescent lighting
Hi, I work in an office with fluorescent lighting and am wondering why type of makeup, specifically foundation, would suit this type of lighting. I have an almost yellow skin tone that tans easily in the summer. Thank you!
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i am absolutely in love with Urban Decays Naked Ultra Definition loose powder right now and Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation. I have dry skin as well and these products ... see post
Spring/Summer 2015 Found in the Wild "New"
Ok BT, what did you find today? Sticky plug to a FABULOUS thread. Found a  Deal ? Post it here - od-to-pass-Up/td-p/1513386 Feel free to post if you find something from your favorite brand. Link to the item, and let us know the price, and brief description so that folks can at a glance decide if they want to clickie to <3 Love or $$ Buy. ^-^ As an FYI, here are the pages I'm trolling for what was newly added today. Usually pretty easy to do because the newest items have 20 loves or less and no reviews. In general I will check in the late afternoon and post what I find. Most new items get listed on Tuesday evenings through Wednesday. Here is the retired thread in case you wanted to reference something. in-the-Wild-quot-New-quot/td-p/1668202 Acqua di Parma, Ardency Inn, Antasasia, Atelier Cologne, BareMinerals, Bite Beauty, Chloe, Elizabeth and James, Givenchy, Guerlain, Josie Maran, Jurlique, L'Occitane, Lavanilla, Marc Jacobs Makeup, Marc Jacobs Perfume, Marula, NEST, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, Sephora Favorites, Smashbox, Tarte, Tata Harper, Thierry Mugler, Tocca, TokyoMilk Dark, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Victor & Rolf, and the Gift Box section.
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I quite like these little Benefit minis compared to buying full sizes knowing that I would never finish them :) see post
I love seeing other peoples empties! So I decided to make a board where people could post pictures of their empties, or just tell us about them! I'd also be interested in knowing whether you're repurchasing anything or not.
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February Empties Loves - would (re)purchase FAB Ultra Repair Cream Nugg Revitalizing Face Mask - this has peppermint oil so it does sting, not terribly for me b... see post
want to re-creat a look/ Nars The Multiple
Copacabana - glistening pearl          SO: -I was wondering if you guys thought this would be the best choice (color) for my light-medium neutral (leans cool) skin tone. I have dry/sensitive skin too (just an FYI). -I was also wondering if this indeed works great for eyes, cheekbones, lips, & wherever u want to illuminate. -Also, do you really need to just use your clean fingers, OR is there a better way to apply? -Also, do u suggest this product in general & is it pretty & EASY to work with?   Thanks in Advance !  
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