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anyone else sick of shaving?

well, summer is here again...the time when many of us (or maybe just the perpetually single gals, lol) start shaving again.  it's hot but I haven't gone out in days because I just don't want to shave...I like my leg hair. lol.  I'm kind of a hippie, although I don't really look or dress like it, bc I feel like it's not a good look for me, and although I live in an area where people are more hippie-ish than most places, it's mostly mainstream like most of society, and I guess I don't want to draw any more attention to


well, I finally did it, so I could finally go out.  and now I'm sad. I miss my leg hair.  it was so beautiful. :'( lol. 


anyone else hate shaving, or am I just a weird hippie? lol


Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

I'm sooooo tired of shaving.  I'd noticed that the longer I was single the less I wanted to shave.  Then I realized that I had been shaving all these years just to impress OTHER people.  WHY?  LOL I mean, why do they even care?  Why do I care if they care?  I still shave but not every day like I used to.  Now it's just maybe once every couple of weeks. 


But then I think most people assume I'm a hippie weirdo anyway.  Must be the dreads... 

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@YennaBee  yes!  I'm glad that I made it to July without shaving yet, since it hasn't been warm enough for very long to wear shorts, plus I and most ppl are hardly going out anyway.


yes, Idk why ppl even care.  but I guess it's just the whole societal standard that makes ppl think it's weird or gross.  I remember in 5th grade, at the end of the year when I started wearing shorts, my friend said "you don't shave?"  I was like " I supposed to?"  she said "most people do."  so I did, even though I thought kids were exempt from that rule lol.  I still think it's weird to shave in elementary school, haha.  then there were the various comments from my brother, guys I dated, whether they were talking about me or not, whether I shaved or not... it's just a lot of work, lol, and it's sad that people are so brainwashed.  it didn't stop guys in the 1800's!! lol.  I think if any guy makes an issue of it, I'll just tell them to shave first, and then maybe I'll consider it. 😉  but I probably won't have to worry about it, since I'll probably remain single lol..

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

I love to shave my legs all the time.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@paul1970  hmmm...well I guess there's a difference when you can choose to do something, vs. being socially pressured to do so your whole life.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?



Yes! I keep getting the 'chicken skin' when I do it and I not sure why it happened all of a sudden. I know how you feel!

❤️ Melissa

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@treestar86 I've stopped shaving my leg hair over the past year because I hate doing it and actually like my hairy legs. I've never had to shave my legs above the knee and just got sick and tired of being expected to conform to some weird societal standard that has only been mainstream for less than 100 years anyway. It took my husband a bit of time to get used to it but I think he was sick of my whining about how unfair it is that women are expected to remove all body hair while men walk around with gross hairy backs.


If you don't want to shave, don't do it 🙂

anyone else sick of shaving?

I feel the same way. I rarely shave, even for swimming, all summer (ok all year.) If I do, it's for a sensory reason more than a beauty reason.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?



I hate shaving too (I still do it in certain places though)! I don't like my lower leg hair (below the knee), mostly because it's not even and I'll have hair in some areas and not others. I have never shaved my upper (above the knee) leg because I like the hair there.


The world is changing and we shouldn't have to conform with "norms" that don't work for us. Do what makes you feel good ❤️

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a weird hippie!  If you're happy, be happy!  All the best people are weirdos @treestar86 

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@treestar86  ~ You're definitely not alone! I HATE shaving... XD I feel like it takes so much of my time that could be better spent elsewhere. I'm an obsessive perfectionist, so when I do shave it has to be perfectly baby smooth LOL. So very time consuming in my opinion. My only, and preferred, workaround is waxing.


I say to you, don't let anyone make you feel pressured to conform! Don't shave if you don't want to. They're your legs! If people don't like it, then they don't have to look. Right? I feel we are becoming more open and accepting as a community every day, and I support every decision made towards that end. Rock them gams! 🙂

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@KemoLovethank you! ugh I'm the same way...if I do shave, I might as well get every. damn.  so it takes like an hour (well maybe the first time, lol.), and then I have to rinse well, so...with all the water used and being bent over the whole time, my hip and stuff starts to hurt, and I'm just like, really?  all this effort and water for something I don't even like, that I'm gonna have to do again in a few days? ugh, I hate this society. lol.  I just wish I could go live in a commune or something where people are natural and not like 'omg, you have hair on your legs!"  LOL. maybe someday I'll have the courage to not care...

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@treestar86 oddly enough, I stopped caring as much once I started getting full leg waxes! I signed up for a monthly membership that includes a full leg wax charged at a discount, but it was a full-year contract. I could never be bothered to shave my legs to be honest, so I figured this way I would at least be “on top” of it most of the time. Because I go every 4 weeks now, I never shave my legs because it makes the waxing last for a shorter period of time, plus it has to be longish to wax. Around the 3ish week mark, it starts to get pretty long LOL but knowing I shouldn’t really shave, I’ve actually become more accepting of it. I’ll wear shorts and dresses and not be too bothered. Don’t get me wrong - I love the fresh wax feeling, but I also don’t care or feel self conscious about the “going for a wax next week” hair growth anymore. It made me  realize I’m doing it more for me, so I’m good with it both ways. Go figure!

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

If you have access to it try sugaring next @cianni . I had the process done 4.5 weeks ago and only now I am starting to feel stubble. I also used Tend Skin daily to avoid ingrown hair.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@Loretta55 I’ll look into it!! I’ll be seeking out the Tend Skin for sure. I’m super prone to ingrowns, so I use a sugar or salt scrub, but I’m open to alternatives because I find them to be a bit abrasive at times. Thanks for the recommendation!

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

Be super careful with Tend Skin @cianni. It believe that it contains alcohol so it may remove nail polish amongst other things.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

I had a full leg wax the other evening so I can wear shorts and dresses once again without wearing pantyhose @treestar86. Laser hair removal has been on my bucket list.

Re: anyone else sick of shaving?

@Loretta55 @treestar86 @YennaBee @melissabt @paul1970 


If you want to shave, shave. If you don't, then don't. So do what you like, there are basic freedoms! Personally, I am not bothered at all when I see women Au Naturelle, but even if I was bothered -- WHO CARES? It is liberating to stop caring what others think and stand by your own aesthetic!


I do shave, but only because I use the right tools which make it fast, easy, and thorough. I do not get ingrowns, no razor burns, and I shave my chin (it is so embarrassing for me but yes I need to, and I can't handle the bumps I used to get on my face).


For those of you who are interested in shaving, or if you don't shave but want to once in a blue moon -- if you follow my advice, you will have 1) no razor burn at all and 2) no ingrown hairs. And it makes shaving fast and yes, PLEASURABLE.


You will NOT need to use any product after your shave unless you'd like just for pleasure and to moisturize. Though you should generally wait 2-3 hours so the skin has ample "turnaround time" (skin is called "epithelial tissue" and its cells turnover quite quickly so usually waiting that amount of time is fine to apply product).


I am going to repeat the same advice I gave another people. These tips are the golden ticket. I include a certain deodorant (which Sephora would do well to carry since it would be a huge seller!) because I used to get really irritated under my armpits after having to apply deodorant after a shave.

What it comes down to are your products and your razor.


Hands down use Clinique Aloe Shave Gel; it is for men but WHO CARES. It doesn't have oil or alcohol and it is very lathery and moisturizing. The Aloe is soothing and it is scent-free, that is what you want because it will not burn or irritate your skin!


Now if you want to have an easy and pleasurable shave that is easy on you and your skin that will make shaving a pleasure (quick, thorough, can handle any area making even the Bikini beard like NADA), then PLEASE get yourself a Supply Single Edge Razor (at Trust me on this. Also, if you have tender armpits consider using this deodorant: L'Occitane Verveine. Take a dab of the deodorant balm, it has no heavy metals or aluminum or sulfates -- it is just so soothing and it works for any stink - it is a luxury that is worth it (lasts me 8 months!), and it does not irritate when applied 3 hours after a shave. You will have to get it from L'Occitaine directly. Only use as much as you see on my finger. It is the best deodorant and my armpits love me for it. You will not go back.


Best non-irritating deodorant on planetBest non-irritating deodorant on planet


Back to the Supply razors - they are engineered like no other. A single blade actually prevents ingrown hairs. It is true multi-blade razors lift the skin, and cause ingrown hairs. They also chafe the skin more than necessary which contributes to razor burn. Visit

I opt for the STAINLESS STEEL, but any wil do.I opt for the STAINLESS STEEL, but any wil do.

supply dot co <---supply dot co <---

A year's supply of blades... for $12A year's supply of blades... for $12For $12 you have all the blades you need for 1 year. (One comes with your razor.) 3 months of razors are $6 each. Inside the white boxes are other settings to attach. There are sensitive, comfy, and ultra close to SHAVE you BIKINI in 45-75 seconds. 


Note: no irritation and ingrowns, and no red bumps either! And they are right! YES WAY!Note: no irritation and ingrowns, and no red bumps either! And they are right! YES WAY!

I recommend the stainless steel one, but any of the others will help you. As for what product to use with your razor, CLINIQUE Aloe Shave Gel 4.2 oz/ 125 mL all the way. But since I use this razor I useKopari Coconut Melt Mini 2.5 oz/ 75 mL or a gel I get from L'Occitane.


If you follow my advice you won't need any after product for either burns or ingrowns. And shaving won't be a chore but maybe actually satisfying and fun. 


much luv, 🙂



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  • Best non-irritating deodorant on planet
  • I opt for the STAINLESS STEEL, but any wil do.
  • supply dot co <---
  • A year's supply of blades... for $12
  • Note: no irritation and ingrowns, and no red bumps either! And they are right! YES WAY!