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| there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?



I was browsing Sephora and I clicked to look at the Beauty Offers only to see that there was an active Weekly Wow.... and that items have already sold out. As an active community member on the site and forums, this is disappointing. 


Can a mod please tell us what happened to the Tuesday previews? They have been late in the recent past--popping up on Wednesdays without any reasoning, etc...


There isn’t a list showing up at all for the 11/8 Weekly Wow and it is 11/9 at the time of my post.

Whats up? 5715FFB2-3D4D-4783-AECA-8C21573B84DE.jpeg








Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

WOW Sephora, no longer posting Weekly Wow previews...

so apparently the best way to respond to customer frustrations is to just ignore it? hmmmmmmmmmmm


Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

The Weekly Wow deals were announced on Sephora's Instagram the day before they went live, so that might be the place to check from now on. I'm guessing that the reason why they didn't post previews here is due to the (somewhat understandable) negative response from Canadians, who were excluded from the deals, on last week's thread.

Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

Thanks for letting me know about the Instagram stuff. (Heart given to yr post!)


None of the forum posts warned us that the lists/previews would be stopping. 


As far as the theory about tempering negativity would not posting here really solve it?-it’s not like Canadians don’t have access to Instagram, right? 😄 (why can’t the Weekly wows  be valid in Canada? Anyone know? That does seem unfair. :()

Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

There will be no Weekly Wows for Canadians in November.  We will only get 2 samples from now on.  Ebates is down to 1%.  They give from here and take from there.

Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

We only get 2 samples in the US now too

Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

@GalPalFriday There's a separate instagram page for Sephora and Sephora Canada. I don't know how much of a difference it would really make, though.

Re: there IS a Weekly Wow for 11/8?

Oh! Well that makes more sense then. 🙂

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