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The Rumors Are True...


Okay guys, I can't keep this secret anymore... Jo Malone is coming to Sephora very soon!

Re: The Rumors Are True...

I'm going to try my first Jo Malone scent, does anyone have a particular one they would recommend?


I like scents that are bright and fresh, some floral and not too much sweetness.


I was thinking Orange Blossom, but Ive also heard the Pear and the Peony are good?

Re: The Rumors Are True...

@Madeline7 I rly think you picked the perfect one w/ Orange Blossom 🙂 If you end up liking it, I think Blackberry Bay (sweeter) and Peony (warmer-floral) are good scents to move on to.


I love fruity notes, so I'm also a huge fan of Nectarine (the fruitiest/sweetest scent imo).


If you have a JM stand near you, I'd recommend smelling the LE Bloomsbury Garden Lilies. It smelled rly fresh on a piece of paper, but turned really warm and muddy against my skin.. perhaps you'd have better luck with it!


i've smelled english pear twice before and i remember it as being fresh with a woodsy undernote. it was too woodsy for me so i didn't pick it up.. and wouldn't recommend it? but i did only try it twice so idk 🙂

Re: The Rumors Are True...

Does anyone know if Sephora will ever carry any of the limited edition JM collections, such as the Bloomsbury set or the Star Magnolia items?

Re: The Rumors Are True...

I am so excited! My favorite is wood sage and sea salt but am a big fan of basil and neroli, nectarine blossom and honey and blackberry and bay. I'd love to eventually try all the scents!

Re: The Rumors Are True...





i might as well direct deposit my paycheck to sephora rather than my own bank account.

Re: The Rumors Are True...

This is great! I've had wood sage & sea salt on my shopping list for awhile. I have the Red Roses Bath Oil & it is so good, I need to try other scents. 


Re: The Rumors Are True...

Wow, I've never tried this brand, but I'm excited! I just don't know how I'll ever decide what to try first!

Re: The Rumors Are True...

Thanks for letting us know 🙂

Re: The Rumors Are True...

This is an exciting news for me too 😄 

Re: The Rumors Are True...


Re: The Rumors Are True...

Yay! I would have never tried Jo Malone if not for @vegchililover78 posting about her most recent purchase on BT a few years back. Heart

Re: The Rumors Are True...

Very excited for this. I can't wait!

Re: The Rumors Are True...

@KatieBT I love and have Nectarine Blossom and Honey and Red Rose.  My wishlist includes: Orange Blossom, Mimosa & Cadarmom, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Cant wait to see what kind of set Sephora is going to carry 🙂

Re: The Rumors Are True...

Omg! This is amazing, thank you!! I LOVE the nectarine blossom and honey, it is so so nice and I feel like a million bux when wearing it 😄 Yum!!! Also the fig candle is divine, ughh yes.

Re: The Rumors Are True...

Omg😍😍😍so excited hopefully before vib spring sale??? 🙏🙏🙏 my fave is the pear and freesia , peony suede and mimosa 💗💗💗

Re: The Rumors Are True...

All of these responses have me very excited, I can't wait to test out some JM scents!


Does anyone have any favorites they want to share? 🙂 

Re: The Rumors Are True...

@KatieBT@LCResz recommended some of my favorite scents, but the best thing I love about Jo Malone fragrances is that they layer so beautifully!


Basil and Neroli goes well with Wood Sage and Sea Salt if the weather's a bit chilly. I think it's more of a hold-me-closer and cuddle me kind of scent. 


But when I pair B&N with Blackberry and Bay, I get my killer, knock-em-dead scent. The bright, floral notes of B&N tames the masculine side of B&B, to the point where it's smoky, seductive, and juicy, with just the right amount of silage that it lingers just a little bit. (I'm definitely gonna grab a full size of B&B when Jo Malone gets to Sephora!)


For me, Bluebell on it's own is kind of forgettable. It's a very nice, straight-up powdery floral scent, but very one-dimensional on my skin.  

My happy-go-lucky pairing is English Pear and Freesia with Bluebell. It's such a fresh, floral, lovely scent that I literally has me twirling around and walking with a spring in my step. I purposely chose this combo so that when I first started my job a Disneyland as a specialty boutique hostess, I'd always have something to remind me of my time there. I'd wear it whenever I went to the parks, so the scent always brings a few of my most cherished memories to mind. 


I love Jo Malone so so much and am very excited that it's finally coming to Sephora!


Re: The Rumors Are True...

Here are some of my favorites of the fragrances still in production:

Black Cedarwood & Juniper: formerly part of the LE London Rain collection, I'm glad this one was brought back because I love woodsy scents that are still feminine, a tough combo to find, but here it is!


Basil & Neroli: a fairly recent addition to the line that has quickly made it to the top of my "perfect summer scent" list. A fresh citrus scent that doesn't scream cleaning product. It is the younger, hipper sister to the classic Lime Basil & Mandarin which is also a great summer scent.


Wood Sage & Sea Salt: a fall scent in my mind, evoking the beach as the seasons transition from fun in the sun to blustery days and chilly nights.


Peony & Blush Suede: Floral and musky, it is a coquettish vixen in a bottle! It is a great date night scent since my husband isn't a big fan of perfumes and this one is a perfect skin scent that still does the job of turning heads.


English Pear & Freesia: a classic staple in any JM fan's collection, it is spring personified. Fruity but not sickly sweet, airy but not too ephemeral, it just makes you feel happy when you have it on! 


Earl Grey & Cucumber: England by way of perfume. I have tried many tea scents, and this one is the most perfumey for me, meaning that it doesn't smell like I spilled a cuppa on myself, but rather I am wearing a fragrance meant to make me feel as cozy as enjoying high tea in the English countryside. 


I cannot wait to see these available at Sephora, I will be reviewing like mad! 

Re: The Rumors Are True...

What good news for Sephora and all of us!


I had a lovely BTer turn me on to Jo Malone through a lot of  good samples.

Sea Salt & Wood Sage was the one that spoke to me most but I also really like Blackberry & Bay and Dark Amber & Ginger was nice. 

I did have about 3 or 4 of them that did not jive with me at all but there's still about 10 more I'd like to get my nose on.

Re: The Rumors Are True...

@KatieBT I love Nectarine & Blossom Honey, Blackberry & Bay - Both layered will be lovely too. I also like the Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense 🙂

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