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Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Is it me or is there something wrong with the BIC?  (, not that πŸ™ƒ)  I mean I can only see the "Trending Now" group and its threads.  Where are our community threads (specifically The Party Thread but also Peeves 2 and Random Thoughts)???  I keep receiving email notifications that I have been tagged (Party Thread) but when I venture here said thread is no where to be found.  


Initially I thought it was the insane volume of new threads pushing it off the front page but it is literally NO where; only threads within "Trending Now" are showing.....


Help or haallllllp, graci

*Oh and sorry to add to the clog, just want to be able to see my community 😘**

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Hi guys - This is indeed a glitch that appeared while our vendor was attempting to remove the Customer Service threads from the main feed.


So good news, CS threads are removed. Bad news, some Community threads are hidden as well (welcome to my life). We're working furiously to bring back the off-topic threads. 


Sorry for the hiccup, but we're working on it! 




Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks @candacebt


Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Phew! I was getting worried. Thank you for the update, @candacebt

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks @candacebt! It all makes sense now πŸ™‚ 

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks for the update! The Conversations page was so quiet that I thought everyone weirdly stopped posting things!

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thank you for the update, I thought that I was going loca for a bit. @candacebt 

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

@candacebt Here I thought I was having some bad hallucinations because threads where I made comments were not showing up on the main page.


For example, I posted in these threads earlier today and nothing showed up on the main feed. I'm assuming this is due to whatever glitch occurred during the change to remove CS posts on the main feed? 


Thanks for keeping us updated!

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks for the update @candacebt!  Some brand threads show in the main feed while others don't, I know the new releases and off topic like you mentioned aren't showing too. Some threads seemed to have disappeared  as well.  Like this one:


This one seems to be back up now but can't reply???

Thanks πŸ™‚

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Oh you wonderful BT/BIC admins, I can't even imagine the stress/frustration all these little kinks are causing. We appreciate the update and the work you are putting in to make this lil home of ours make sense. 

How I imagine moments in the Sephora HQ.

Image result for stress gif

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks for the update - We appreciate you!πŸ’—  @candacebt


Yay for moving CS threads!πŸ’—

Thanks a million @Candacebt πŸ’œ

Thanks a million @candacebt πŸ’œ

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thank you for the update @candacebt!

Update for those interested: still no clue why the commun...

Update for those interested: still no clue why the community threads aren't showing up on the homepage. The app seems to be doing OK for me so I'm exploring this route. Thanks to all who tried tagging me to help!

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

So many threads still not showing up on the main feed... What is going on @KatieBT @candacebt @ShiraBT. Thank you!

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

I'll echo v's question. The main feed is missing oh so many threads. Fwiw, I'm on Chrome, both Android and Windows desktop. Any fix?


Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Well, this is a disturbing and disconcerting turn! @ElleElleG

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

@ZannaBT @StephanieBT @MeganBT


Can one of you please assist..... Is something going  on with the community- centered threads, they are not showing up in the home page/main thread stream??? 

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!



I'll look into this for you. I'll send you a PM for more information.



Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

Thanks Mali πŸ’•

Re: Missing Groups/Threads?!?!

The conversation feed went completely empty just after midnight Pacific, so I figured they were tinkering. Looks like they're either still working on stuff, or else they broke something. As we near the 12 hour mark without it coming back fully, I'm going with "it's broke" πŸ€’

Hopefully it's temporary, and hopefully the fix comes sooner rather than later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a small glitch on the road to removing CS from the main feed. Wouldn't that be lovely? 😊

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