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Live Chat with Tata Harper


Tata Harper Live Chat Image.jpgThis live chat is closed. Thank you for participating! 


Clean skincare brand founder Tata Harper is chatting live this Monday, June 25 to answer all your pressing beauty questions. Visit this thread between 3pm to 4pm PT to ask her anything!


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Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

What is the best diy clay mask to make at home 


Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Thank you all so much for spending this hour with me!  I tried to get to as many questions as possible today but you can always private message me in the Sephora Community.


I'll be at Sephora Century City in LA on Friday doing a beauty class with clients at 2:30PM PST!  Maybe I’ll see some of you there!!




Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Thank you so much for joining us, @TataHFounder! ❤️


I hope I'm not too late, but I wanted to ask:  What is the single best product/ingredient for anti-aging?



Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

There's no such thing! There's algae, essential oils, flower stem cells (to name a few), that's why our products contain so many ingredients, so you can get the benefits of all of them. Our Rejuvenating Serum is one of my favorites to help with signs of aging. 


Anonymous Insider

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Hi Tata! I'm 20 years old (almost 21). And i would like to know what skin care should I use. Everyday I cleanse my skin, put some serum for dry skin and then sunscreen. And that is it. Should I start wearing eye cream, Vitamin C, B and retinol serums, and all of that? Or should I wait? What do you think? Thanks!

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

@Anonymous I think you should switch to a moisturizer for hydration instead of a serum for hydration.  Serums are for your targeted skincare concern (anti-aging, glow, etc). Hydration should always come from your moisturizer.  You should definitely try using an eye creme because that’s where your first signs of aging begin. We have our Restorative Eye Creme to help with early fine lines, dark circles around the eye area, and puffiness


RE: Live Chat with Tata Harper

What product would you recommend for extremely acne prone skin? Thanks so much!

Re: RE: Live Chat with Tata Harper


All of the Clarifying Collection (cleanser, mask, moisturizer, and spot solution) and then add the Retinoic Nutrient Complex.





Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

I've got really dry skin and am always looking for the right products to add to my regimen to make sure I can keep the hydration. However, I don't want to overload my regimen with too many unnecessary products. What would you recommend for a simple, but effective routine for dry skin? (I don't really use foundation products because it dries out my skin and leaves me with dry patches on my cheeks.)

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

@anonymous34567 Definitely I would cleanse with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and the Regenerating Cleanser. The Nourishing Oil gives a lot of gentle hydration to the skin. 

Also, the Hydrating Floral Essence almost acts  like a liquid moisturizer filled with hyaluronic acid.

The two most important anti-aging steps are moisturizing and introducing serums. 

Rejuvenating Serum, with Spanish Lavender, helps fight the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Our best-selling Repairative moisturizer is not too heavy and great for everyday use.



Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Hi, @TataHFounder!  Thank you for talking to us today!  I'm interested in your new Resurfacing Serum.  I don't know if it's a once- or twice-a-day use, but I would only use it once a day.  Would it be more beneficial to use in the morning under makeup or in the evening overnight?  Thanks!

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

@Titian06 Our serums are the types of products you need to use twice a day, every 12 hours, to get results. The Resurfacing Serum is gentle enough for you to use twice daily. Using your serum only once a day doesn’t maximize the results. I’m a big proponent of using twice a day!




Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Thank you!  @TataHFounder

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Hi @TataHFounder! Thanks so much for joining us!


I have pretty classic combo skin, or at least I think so. Any recommendations on finding a good balance without sending it into dryness or oil overdrive?



Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

@NotCrocker Oily/combination skin means you produce a lot of oil in the skin but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need a moisturizer or to hydrate your skin.  For a cleanser, I’d recommend Regenerating Cleanser to slough off all the dead skin cells or Clarifying Cleanser which is our foaming cleanser.  Then Hydrating Floral Essence which is super moisturizing yet very light. Then the anti-aging serum of Rejuvenating Serum, then for the moisturizer, the Clarifying Moisturizer.  For masks, I’d recommend our Resurfacing Mask and Clarifying Mask.


Anonymous Insider

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

HI Tata, What is your favorite perfume ? Also do you have a go to eyeshadow palette that you use for everyday?

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper


Actually, you asked me about the two things I don’t use! I’ve replaced perfume with our Aromatic Treatments, I usually use the Irritability Treatment. It puts me in a great place.


I don’t look great in makeup so I never really use it but I think RMS eyeshadows are cool.


Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Irritability Treatment???  I could use a vat of that!  😄

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

Hello, it’s so lovely to get to chat with you Tata! I really love your resurfacing mask and I love applying a thin layer at night and using it as a sleeping mask at least once a week! Can I layer it with other products (either under or over the mask) to maximize the benefits of using it overnight? Thanks for your reply!

Re: Live Chat with Tata Harper

@LCResz I’ve heard of many people using it overnight. If you do, always cleanse your skin first and then apply a thin layer of the resurfacing mask - from there you can layer the rest of your nighttime routine on top before sleeping!


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