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First makeover ever - should I try Sephora and which store

Hi Everyone


i am spending all of July in New York City and I am really hoping to have my first ever makeover. Of course I am very nervous and I am wondering about trying Sephora for a CD makeover. I was thinking about trying the Soho store. Any suggestions or thoughts to share about what your experiences at Sephora? I really want to go in feminine clothes, good idea ? I have been waiting for this for a very long time and I have heard very good things about Sephora and the way they treat CD customers.


cheers and thanks 



Re: First makeover ever - should I try Sephora and which store

I can tell you from personal experience. DO IT!!!!!!. I am a transwoman - still in the very early stages of coming out, so not passable at all. But I had an opportunity to get a makeover and I just went for it. I had a dress I bought at Kohls, a wig from a local beauty store and some low heels - and i paired it all with a facemask to wear when walking in. When I made the reservation online, I noted that I was a transwoman, very nervous, but very eager. I was terrified walking into the store. I just knew I was sticking out like a sore thumb, but a sales associate walked up and offered to help and then escorted me to the beauty advisor, who spent the next 60 minutes making me look amazing. She took her time to explain how and why she was doing everything and I did my best to try and keep up. She constantly asked if I had any questions, and when she was done I asked her what the most essential products for me to buy were. It wasn't cheap, but it didn't break my bank either. I felt soooo affirmed and so comfortable there. Afterwards, I met up with a few other local transwomen for dinner, just so I could continue to enjoy feeling girly and beautiful.

Oh, I'm in Houston, TX, but I hear this experience at Sephora is pretty much universal. My makeover was a few days ago and I'm still beaming with excitement. It was sad to have to wash it all off.

Re: First makeover ever - should I try Sephora and which store

Hi Jill! I'm not from NY, but my experiences at Sephora around Ontario, Canada, and at a coupe locations close to the border in NY (Near and in Watertown mostly), have been very comfortable for myself and my other trans friends (of varying trans presentations and assigned genders) as well! Some of us have gone in for skincare stuff, but also makeup-demos and makeovers before, and it's been great! I've personally told a couple stylists of the fact that I am trans and how that pertains to how I would like to look, and they've been very helpful, respectful, and just overall not weird about it 🙂 I hope your experience is positive too!!


- Cal (They/Them)

Re: First makeover ever - should I try Sephora and which store

Hi Cal


thanks for replying. I actually live in Toronto but vacationing in NYC. I am still on the fence about going for the makeover. I am scared for many reasons. I present as male in public always though my family knows and is very supportive. I would have to shave my facial hair off which I have had for most of my adult life and that would be strange. I am scared to see how I will look as a female, I am scared because if I look at all passable I will fall in love being Jill and I am scared to reach this point after so much and this being so big. I am trying to get there and thanks for the advice. Ears pierced, hair in a pixie cut and beautiful pink dress and heels all ready to go. I wish I was, sigh



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