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Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

I recently re-started using Adapalene (Tactupump) ... I used it a few years ago and have also tried Retin A Micro... both caused me to have very sensitive skin, of course. However, I've never been able to find a facial moisturizer to use alongside either of these products that doesn't cause an INSANE amount of stinging (like... run to my fridge and stick my head in the freezer because it's stinging so much and I have no idea how else to handle the pain!). I've tried everything from Cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion to Neutrogena hydro boost, to the Clinique daily moisturizer. Currently the only thing my face can tolerate is oils - I have found The Ordinary's chia seed oil to be the best fit right now... however I prefer the feel of lotions on my skin over oil and don't feel that the oil really hydrates well. 


Looking for recommendations for a face cream that will hydrate and soothe my skin. I know I need something free of fragrance and irritating/exfoliating ingredients... HELP!


Also wondering if anyone has recommendations for a soothing face cream that also has SPF? I know I should be using SPF with the Adapalene but can't tolerate to put it on my skin right now!



Re: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

I am on my third tube of Adapaline gel and I have tried several moisturizers that will work in tandem. My long term 20year go to was discontinued:(  So far I have found La Mer to be the best, after a round of tatcha’s Dewy cream (not a fan). The Crème de la mer is pricey, but damn it really helps repair the skin! I know everyone’s skin responds differently, but I’ve noticed a sizable decrease in my pores, and far less irritation from the retinoids.


Re: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

For me, Aveeno oat gel moisturizer with a LaRoach Posay B5 balm on top made a good trick to save my skin. It hydrates & protects giving it a dewy look in the morning. Also you can try Goop’s Invisible Sunscreens. Gives you a healthy glow with sun protection without making you sticky . Hope it helps. 😊

Re: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

Hey! I had the same issue when starting tactupump and I found that Aveeno's oat moisturizer saved my skin! It is very thick so I only used it at night, I put on a generous layer and put Vaseline on the most sensitive parts of my face to avoid having the product go around my eyes or and the corners of my nose. Then I'd wait 5 minutes and put tactupump on. I think what helped me also was using a VERY gentle cleanser. I found that using my usual cerave SA cleanser was too harsh and made the stinging while applying moisturizer worse. Now I'm at a point where I can almost start using tactupump every night but still over my moisturizer. I made the mistake of applying too much too fast and it made my skin flake. It took about 3 weeks of using it every 2 or 3 nights before my skin stopped burning every time I touched it. But now I'm almost acne free !!!! 

RE: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

Hey! I just started adapalene as well! I would highly highly recommend the drunk elephant protini polypeptide dream. It’s the ONLY thing that’s helped soothe, protect and plump my skin since using retinoids. I’ve tried 4 others that I own and nothing else works. It’s very pricey but worth it while the sale is going on? Also supergoop makes the best sunscreen, I’ve tried 5-10 sunscreens while also on adapalene and it’s seriously the best!

Re: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

Have you tried any CeraVe products? 

Re: Using Adapalene and needing a good moisturizer!

I have, yes! I still find they sting though - especially the creams 😞  I recently got desperate though and tried Glysomed Eczema Control lotion on the driest spots on my face and it has worked MIRACLES! 

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