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Total 180: Skincare Edition

Sometimes we try a product and it’s love at first try, and sometimes it takes a while to warm up to a love affair.


Occasionally we have products that cause us to completely reverse our original opinion and those are the ones I’m curious about today.


The first 2 that come to mind for me are; May Coop Raw Sauce - I remember being head over heels in love with this when I first started using it but over time I began to feel like instead of hydrating, it was totally drying out my skin.


May Lindstrom Honey Mud - I hated this. HATED. It’s marketed as a cleanser and I always felt like it left a film that I couldn’t wash away. While trying to get through a never ending jar, a friend mentioned to me that she uses it as a mask and steams it off in the shower. Complete game changer! I still wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but I don’t hate it anymore.


What skincare products have you tried that you’ve completely changed your mind about?

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Another product I've had a 180 change in opinion on is Jane Scrivner's Over Oil Cream.


I purchased this last fall and although the name tells you exactly how to use it, I found that using it that way at night left me feeling extremely greasy and uncomfortable, no matter how well I massaged it in.


I've since been trying it again as a finishing step in these frigid winter mornings and have found it much better. The greasy heaviness I felt at night has been a perfect barrier to the discomfort of such cold, dry weather.

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

I was recommended the Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash. At first it was fantastic and I stocked up on it during an extra points sale.  However, after about a month my skin completely rejected it.  It dried out my already dry skin and broke me out in little superficial bumps.  I now keep it in my guest bathroom for overnight guests (this is where items I can't use long term but are nice products go...I have an entire basket ready for overnight guests so they can try new products or in case they forgot anything).

RE: Total 180: Skincare Edition

The Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray is a product that I would not recommend because it is just WATER!

Re: RE: Total 180: Skincare Edition

True, but I will take that on flights to help with the dryness.  Since it is just mineral water it won't cause any issues for my fellow passengers.  I took a Caudalie Grape Water a few years ago and the woman next to me was sneezing for about 20 minutes from it.  I didn't want to tell her that the only thing she could've been smelling was literally grapes as there's no artificial scent in it.  I fly enough that I'm willing to spend the money on this to keep my skin hydrated and not causing drama on a plane.

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Here are three that come to mind!


Herbivore Lapis oil - I bought this to replace my Laura Mercier rose oil after the Canadian warehouse change. It was gone for a few months, so I bought Lapis to use as my AM oil. I didn't feel it was a good enough product up until the bottle was 1/2 used.... I took a break, went back to it and fell in love!


Sunday Riley Good Genes - I never thought this stuff was amazing; I've used foil and small samples here and there throughout the last couple of years. They tend to give me little red bumps if I use a few times a week. Recently, I've been using a 10 mL sample for the last few months. Just once a week, and that seems to keep my skin happy! I do get smoother skin the morning after using this. I think my skin might like lactic acid better than glycolic. Still can't justify buying the full size bottle so I'm rationing this 10 mL sample and have the 100 pt perk 5 mL size on the way!


Deciem Niacinamide + Zinc serum - I liked this initially, but if I use more than a week or two, I break out in tiny red bumps that don't hurt. Took me half a bottle to realize this was the issue.

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Great thread @Mochapj


I think at the moment Mahalo's petal mask is on that list.  I loved it when I first tried it so that's why I bought a fs but now the scent is getting to me. I still like it but the scent seems to be stronger and it's making me not want to use it all that much... but gotta finish that jar! 😄

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Lol @veronika23 I can totally sympathize - the smell of Petal makes me soooooo nauseous 🤢

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

@Mochapj  aw man :(. It didn't at first but now it's just too much you know.. I definitely prefer the bean mask!! LOVE that scent!

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Fresh sugar face polish -


tried it via a dlx sample last fall, found it drying wasn't in love but for some reason i kept the sample. When i found out my exfoliator was being reformulated, I held onto it and used it in between to make the other product last longer until i could get a hold of it. Turns out its the type of 'exfoliant' that emulsifies so i had to play with the ratio of water to get it right for my skin, loved it so much i recently bought the FS.


Fresh black tea eye cream -

adverse reaction, initially really liked it. And the more i used it i realized for the price tag it just wasn't that special. My eye cream for $65 (that i usually get 20-30% off is way better)


Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

Thanks for sharing @aviscardi! That’s interesting about the face polish; I wouldn’t have even considered it needed to be emulsified.

Re: Total 180: Skincare Edition

it has a oily consistency once its emulsified. My guess is that i tried it last winter and my skin was leaning dry already, and I didn't add enough water. its not your typical exfoliant so i get the polish name now

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