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Sunday Riley Acid Appeal

Hi, I have tried a few products of Sunday Riley before, and now bought the Acid Appeal Kit (just because the discount seemed a good deal:)). Questions:

1) Instruction card suggests to layer three products at time (+ eye cream in AM). How long I should wait between these applications?


2) Doesn't layering change the way products work? Do the ones on top actually reach skin? Does Lactic Acid treatment or Retinoid Serum absorbs into the skin through Face Oil as well as without it? Does layering 3 products really increase effectiveness 3 times and how? Is there some chemical reaction happening among them? To me it seems such a waste to mix /layer everything together when each one of the products gives visible results. 


3) CEO Glow Oil - how do you spread only 2-3 drops evenly over whole face when the oil absorbs almost immediately?

Re: Sunday Riley Acid Appeal

@lusija, a lot of brands recommend layering their products,  but I feel the same way you do, and often only use two.  Usually either serum + moisturizer  or serum + oil.  Most often I don't use an oil and a moisturizer together.


Also, my skin doesn't react well to Vitamin C + retinol together.  I usually use my retinol every day but Vitamin c every once in a while.

Re: Sunday Riley Acid Appeal

@lusija  Have you used active ingredients like retinol, lactic acid, or vitamin C before? 

Re: Sunday Riley Acid Appeal

Do you mean - from Sunday Riley or in general? Yes, I have been using their Lactic Acid Treatment and a few times (from a sample) the A+ Retinoid Serum.

Re: Sunday Riley Acid Appeal

I meant overall, @lusija. For most people layering vitamin C, lactic acid, and retinol in one routine would be way too much. It's usually best to ease into actives for new users but since you mention having used a couple of the products before you may not need to be as cautious about working them in to start. I'd still recommend alternating when you use them though, like the vitamin C oil in the morning before the moisturizer and then alternating night usage of the Good Genes and the A+. Though that partially just depends on your own skin. For me, I can use Good Genes every other night, but using a retinol more than 2x a week would be (has been) irritating to my skin. Do use the eye cream and moisturizer daily as these types of products can dry out your skin very easily and make sure to wear a sunscreen every morning! Lactic acid and retinol both can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. 

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