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Sheet Masks are my favorite

Anyone else have a huge obsession with sheet masks? As a working mom who's also taking classes I have very little time for pampering (even self pampering) and I've found sheet masks (especially Tony Molly) really fill that void. I can put them on while I'm getting my son up and ready for the day - no mess, no complications - and 15 minutes later my face feels refreshed and I feel better. 


What are your favorites? 

RE: Sheet Masks are my favorite

I have never tried the sheet mask. Which is best for dry flaky skin especially around nose and eyebrows?,

Re: Sheet Masks are my favorite

I like the Face Shop sheet masks. I always get the hydration ones since I have combination to dry skin. 

Anonymous Insider

RE: Sheet Masks are my favorite

I love the fermented coconut masks. Leaders masks (can be purchased online at ulta) or the Farmacy coconut masks at Sephora.

RE: Sheet Masks are my favorite

Currently have a sheet mask on and came in here to see if anyone hated them as much as I currently do! Maybe I should give them another chance. I'm finding it difficult to get good coverage and to keep it on my face.
Anonymous Insider

RE: Sheet Masks are my favorite

Try fermented coconut masks. They stay on like a second skin. Leaders makes some great ones and Farmacy coconut masks are amazing too.

Re: Sheet Masks are my favorite

I'm a mom of a newborn and I understand time is of the essence. I do love sheet masks and I see many people love the Sephora branded ones. For me, I broke out. I'm a bit on the sensitive side. I loved Dr. Jart. It never broke me out and hydrated me well. I've tried the rubber masks, the hydration, and one for contouring. The contouring one many people left bad reviews saying it did not have enough serum. It's not a serum filled mask. It's a jelly mask, there is no liquid serum. It looks like a sticker for your face. Some reviewers said the bottom portion was too small. You can stretch it out from the chin portion and it will fit fine. I actually loved the contouring one. It didn't slim my cheeks but instead it brightened my complexion almost immediately. If you like Tony Moly I believe Dr. Jart line would be equally if not slightly better.


If you have time... I highly recommend Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. I leave a thin layer over night. It does get sticky and so I leave a towel over my pillow. When I wake up in the morning and wash it off my skin is extremely well hydrated with zero breakouts.

Re: Sheet Masks are my favorite



I tried a lot of the ones on Sephora, but it got to be a waayyy too expensive habit. 


Nature Republic Real Nature Hydrogel Masks and Saference Skin-RX Pore Minimizing Masks are my favorite (non-Sephora) masks, but I also love the Tony Molly variety pack Innisfree Skin Clinic variety pack, and SNP Ampoule Mask variety pack-- they help me afford my sheet mask habit, haha. 


(Sephora) ones I wouldn't re-buy:

Sephora brand sheet masks- they didn't have much liquid to begin with and dried out really quickly

Dr Jart rubber masks- the packaging is awesome, and I didn't have issues with the rubber falling apart like some other people, but the mask was really really small and I didn't see any noticeable results so it didn't seem worth the high cost

Wei Mung Bean- the packaging was great, the mask was super soft, and there's enough essence to do a 2nd mask (suggest buying new cotton masks online, then putting it in tube after you take the Wei mask out), BUT the essence never really sunk in, and my face stayed sticky for like 4 hours, and then it all pilled off. 


(Sephora) ones I would buy again: 

Wei Rice Sprout- same awesomeness of the Mung Bean, but no stickiness!

Dr. Jart Cermidin- my skin was super mad before I used it, but REALLY REALLY loved it, and completely calmed down. Genuinely felt like this mask repaired my skin

Any of the FARMACY coconut gel masks- they're great, all of them. I'm partial to the purple broccoli, but I absolutely love all of them. I've re-purchased several times and gifted a few. 






Re: Sheet Masks are my favorite

I really like sheet masks as well---I like them because it's just less of a mess to get off when your done! I love the tony moly ones because they are so cheap you can get a whole pack on amazon for like $12. My favorite is the wine one thats good for pores. The sephora brand ones are really nice as well!

Re: Sheet Masks are my favorite

My favorite is the pomegranate elasticity mask I think - but yea you can't go wrong with that Amazon deal. I've tried the Sephora ones too, I like them as well!

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