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Pls help

Hello good people of skin care world!! I have come here in need of advice or experience stories or both! I recently (last night) used a Dr Jart ceramidin mask. Quick backstory: I have incredibly sensitive and dry skin, we‘ve been through a lot but finally settled on eucerin hand creme no less lol! It’s incredibly thick and gives my dry skin exactly what she needs. However I was told that if I try incorporating ceramides into my skin care my skin barrier might eventually require less external moisture. So, having skincare try-out ptsd I settled on the mask. I was very worried before trying it, mainly about redness and irritation HOWEVER what happened next was unexpected even for me. My super tiny and barely noticeable pores got big and super pronounced after the mask, aside from some minor redness and irritation. I’ve never had anything like this occur before. If this has happened to anyone or anyone knows WHY this happened and how to fix it pls let me know. I’m very scared and worried about my skin now.


Re: Pls help

Hi, so the mask has coconut oil in the ingredients which has been rated to be highly comedogenic. Pores tend to look more pronounced when they are filled with gunk and oil. The mask probably didn't help. Maybe try incorporating mild exfoliation in your routine to try and fix this. The Paulas Choice BHA 9 is one of my favorites and have found this to be really effective, in one not only cleaning out my pores, but also with breakouts. I also really like the INNBEAUTYPROJECT Down to Tone Toner to help with cleaning out my pores and exfoliating my skin. Good Luck!

Re: Pls help

Oh ok! If it doesn’t work for you that’s then you don’t have to do it ofc, but I’m not sure if it would help with pores. I could try it and tell you if it helps with pores on me if you like!

Re: Pls help

Hi @marmar1203 ! Your skin probably reacted to one or more ingredients in the mask. Looking at the INCI list, I can’t use that mask on my own finicky skin because the mask contains geranium oil, sage oil, patchouli oil, and bergamot oil. Those are all perfuming essential oils, which my face hates. Your skin could be sensitive to one or more of those, or to any other ingredient in the mask—even an ingredient considered generally harmless, since anyone can be skin-sensitive to nearly any ingredient. 

What’s the rest of your skincare routine look like? What other products do you routinely use? To soothe irritation, you may need to temporarily stop using a few products and roll your routine back to bare bones: gentle cleanser, basic moisturizer (like the Eucerin hand cream), and sunscreen. Do you currently see a dermatologist or your primary care doc for help with your very sensitive skin? A doctor is really your best resource to treat skin issues. 
FYI, Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream does contain a ceramide. Is that the Eucerin hand cream you use as a moisturizer? (They make a few different hand creams.) If so, you might not need to add another product to get ceramides into your skin. 

Re: Pls help

Thank you for such an in-depth inout. 
my routine is water, camellia oil and the eucerin original formula (in the winter) so there’s definitely nothing to roll back to. As I mentioned in the post, I’ve been dealing with the redness for many years so it’s not a concern anymore. I rly want to know why my pores reacted that way and how to help them get back to normal. A very nice soul recommended I just use ice and a light moisturizer which is what I was going to do anyway. I really hope my pores get back to normal because the size of them seems almost concerning for someone who’s pores are usually sooo very tight due to insane dryness. 
maybe it’s just the heaviness of the mask that filled them up? I’m out of my depth with this pore stuff

Re: Pls help

Like Phoenixmoon7556 said, I’m no skincare professional. I am trying to become an esthetician, so it would help a lot if you tell me if you try it or not and if you do, and if you do try it, it would help if you could tell me if it works for you.This might sound a bit crazy but take honey and rub it all over your face. Then after leaving it on for about 10 minutes (5-15) rinse it off and dry your skin. Then when you try new products, test it on a small section of your skin. Hope this helps!

Re: Pls help

weeeooo, I actually used to do raw honey masks everyday for 5 months. It had absolutely no affect on my dry skin but would it help with the pore situation? And yeah I did a patch test, kept it on for 5 min. Everything was fine so decided to precede with the mask 

Re: Pls help

I'm no expert and really a dermatologist would help more.   Having said that, i have sensitive skin and rosacea with a damaged skin barrier.  You don't mention how long you left the mask on.   If instructions were followed, then it sounds like your skin didn't like some of the ingredients in the mask.

I'd try a very benign (basic) ceramide moisturizer or serum first - such as CeraVe.  One without alot of plant oil extracts which could react with some people's skin.

Re: Pls help

Yeah, upon later investigation I realized that my European eucerin had ceramides in it and that cream is a life saver in the summer. Also about the mask, I kept it on for 16 minutes. The essential oils definitely bothered my skin but the redness isn’t a concern. After years of dealing with inflamed, burning redness I know how to get it under control. It’s the pore appearance and state that’s more alarming to me.

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