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Oily and acne prone skin, help

Hi! I tried a gel cleanser and a toner from La Roche Posay in may/june this year, but for a reason I can’t remember I stopped using it and started with the tea tree oil from bodyshop. Now that I’m not happy with the tea tree series from bodyshop (that tend to make me dry on some patches, and I still have acne) I’ve considered going back to LRP. I still have the gel cleanser and the toner in the effacler series and I recently bought the LRP effacler duo + as well. But then I remembered I had my worst period of acne EVER in the end of juni and can’t help but thinking that it might have been caused by the la roche posay series? So know I’m really unsure what to do, if I should give it a try or if there is other products out there? I’m going to LA in three weeks (travelling from Norway) and I really want my skin to at least not get worse then it is (it is not that bad at this point). Also if anyone have some recommendations about a product and/or beauty regime that can help me; please let me know!

I have oily acne prime's a pain in the butt. I...

I have oily acne prime's a pain in the butt. I try to save face makeup for special days bc it clogs pores, there's just no way around that not happening when wearing most makeup. In the morning I wash with the same non foaming cleanser as night, and recently I've been testing DE's vitamin C stuff, light lotion like Dr. Jart's, DE's light blue one, or something else on hand that's fragrance free. I always use sun block (my favorite is Dr. Jart's because it never breaks me out), and then I'm done. If I want a little coverage I'll use the green stuff from Jart. If I want makeup I'll use IT Cosmetics. I used to use Nars tint, but the IT one doesn't break me out nearly as much and blends even better than Nars (and I love Nars). At night, following my face wash, if I've worn makeup, then I'll apply DE's night serum (the pink one). If it's winter I'll apply Dr. Jart tiger balm lotion stuff or DE's whipped one, just whichever I have at the time since I enjoy both. I prefer Jart's though just because the packaging keeps it more sanitary, but other than that both are great and you only need a little. Wake up and repeat. I constantly change things up depending on the weather, acne, diet, wearing makeup. I've found the above to be the best "routine" for my skin. You can tell I favor Drunk Elephant and Dr. Jart quite a bit, but it's bc their stuff works for me. The orange DE vitamin C stuff smells like bacon, and was extremely unappealing to me, but after a year of using the lotions and serum, I finally tried the vit C, and it's great! I've noticed a difference in my pores, and more even looking complexion. One last thing, I found that the more products I used (toner, serum, lotion, etc etc) the worse my skin looked and felt. The thing is to experiment slowly, find products that work for you, and stick with it. I'm still trying out makeup/sunscreen remover to find one that won't contribute to acne. Oils still freak me out, but the ones to remove sunscreen from Boscia and L'Occitane work great. I've been using a micellar water to remove any makeup remover I missed, and then I'll rinse and wash my face. I think it's a bit too much, but I'm scared to miss any oil left. Once I finish the oils I'm going to try a different kind of remover. Last thing, if you don't remove sunscreen you will break out from that too!

Re: Oily and acne prone skin, help

I am also a sufferer of acne, and it is so hard to find the right products that won't further aggravate your acne or break your bank. The product that has worked best for me is Drunk Elephant Night Serum- which is GREAT for acne scars too- seriously I used this 3 days before my sister's wedding for the first time and all of my flare ups and subsided and my scars were almost nonexistent. I purchased the $28 mini kit with the oil and it changed my life. I still have acne but it is very controlled and I try to use minimal products on my skin.  I have found that the more cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc. I use, the worse my skin gets. I use a gentle cleanser on my skin at the end of the night, every other day I used the L'oreal Clay Mud Mask to clean out my pores and get excess makeup off, and I use MINIMAL moisturizers or oils on my skin after and I do the same in the morning. I have found that letting my skin breathe and wearing minimal makeup, or wearing it for short amounts of time works best!

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