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Mixing face care products

I normally mix face creams and serums together. Sometimes I even mix face washes. Any skin care experts know if mixing products particularly face care products is okay? What is the general rule or routine one must follow?

Re: Mixing face care products

@RabiaAziz I don't know a lot about mixing, but you want to look at the ingredients - like I wouldn't put a bunch of products with retinol in them on all at once.  If you read Paula's Begoun's "Beauty Bible," she gives info on stuff like this.  Her Paula's Choice line has boosters which a lot of people like...Good luck!

Mixing like that isnt typically advised unless the produc...

Mixing like that isnt typically advised unless the products are designed to be used that way. not only is a serum a prep step to infuse your skin with serum goodness, but remember that the actual literal weight of your moisturizer pushes the serum a little deeper into the skin. also, certain ingredients may not be compatible when mixed. for example, antioxidants and AHAs tend to cancel each other when mixed unless specifically designed in that way. layering is the way to go to make sure your products work their hardest and your skin reaps the benefits. same goes for moisturizers and sunscreens 🙂
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