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Is Eye Cream a Scam

I have tried several eye creams! Ranging in price and “quality,” from Biossance, the Ole Henriksen banana eye cream, First Aid Beauty, Origins Ginzing eye cream, and Kiehl’s avocado eye cream. So it’s been embarrassing and bank-breaking to see little to no results in my under eye darkness. 


I believe the skin may be too thin under my eye, which is why they’ll always appear dark. However, the lines under my eyes when I wear makeup must be at least preventable with some sort of eye cream, yet I’ve gotten no results. 


I just want to fix how deep and dark my eyes are. Sometimes puffy but mostly I just always look absolutely tired or stoned, when I’m just not. 


Any advice? Any brand to recommend? Any of these you recommend I give another try? 


Thanks all!!!

Re: Is Eye Cream a Scam



I think it’s a bit of a matter of opinion. Some people love eye creams and others think they are a scam. I tend to think they are kinda of a scam in the sense that most eye creams aren’t formulated much differently than products marketed as moisturizers and because you use much less to cover less real estate, brands justify charging high prices for tiny sizes. 

You can take your moisturizer around you eyes just fine. It is very true that for many people that the texture of their eye skin might be different than other parts of their face (I.e my under eyes are very dry compared to other parts of my face etc) but you could just as easily use two different moisturizers - and it would be cheaper.


And unfortunately darkness and under eye bags are mostly genetics with topical products not really making a huge difference. Fillers can make the area look better but I’ve spoken to plastic surgeon friends and they’ve all said that it’s got to be very well done, otherwise it looks bad. 

Re: Is Eye Cream a Scam

@MemeMar eye cream isn't a scam it just isn't necessarily a required product. They tend to be thicker to be more hydrating/moisturizing while less likely to cause milia.


I don't think you'll be able to resolve how deep set or how dark your eyes are as those tend to be driven by genetics however you can definitely target puffiness and hydration which can help reduce darkness and hide fine lines. Common ingredients that can help

  • Caffeine: causes a temporary solve by constricting blood vessels to reduce darkness
  • Glycerin/Hyaluronic Acid/Ceramides: plump and hydrate the skin to get rid of fine lines
  • Peptides/Retinol: to help promote collagen development 

There are also medical processes which can help like laser treatment but you'd want a dermatologists recommendation for that. 

Re: Is Eye Cream a Scam

Thank you, this was very helpful!

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