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Help! Sensitive skin

I desperately need help and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with my skin. When  take off my make up, I double cleanse, and just use a very simple moisturizer for my combination, oily/dry skin. My skin feels fine after this. But almost every day when I’m prepping my skin for make up, after cleansing, I apply the clinique dramatically different lotion and the good molecules squalene oil for a little more hydration. When I begin massaging my products into my skin, my skin get so irritated to the point where it feels like it’s burning, and then the irritation is obvious. My redness is flared up and my texture is accentuated. I’ve been using these products for several months and I don’t always have this issue. I cleanse using the Keys soul care, golden cleanser and the gentle exfoliate. I tone with the fresh rose, petal toner. Like I said before, this isn’t always an issue. Sometimes I almost dread my skin prep before makeup and I am surprised when my skin doesn’t throw a fit when I’m using the same products I use every day. I don’t know if I need to see an esthetician or a dermatologist. I just don’t even have the slightest theory to why my skin acts like this. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. 

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

idk if you use the Keys exfoliant everyday but if you do, maybe you only need to use it 4 days a week once a day. And on those other times when you double cleanse and you don’t use the exfoliant, I would use the cleansing balm from the brand (a MUST). Just to make sure you don’t

over irritate your skin. Maybe stop the fresh toner as it is knows amongst skincare experts to be rough. I would use a much lighter toner. Maybe the Pink Drink from Sunday Riley or Farmacy. I feel like the SR one is a better option if your skin is allergic to something though. Maybe even Mega Mushroom from Origins. I think the lighter the moisturizer the better (and the most simple one like FAB or even Sephora Collection). And on top of that, you need SPF and to make sure to reapply it. I think the only one that could be of any help would the Keys one (you wouldn’t need a moisturizer with it and if not, the unseen from Supergoop. Belif is nice as well but maybe too hydrating. But because you are oily, I would not recommend anything mineral. 

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

@LunaSkylz the fresh Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner stood out to me as a possible culprit.   The fragrance, essential oils and rose could all be causing irritation.

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

Sorry that your has been irritated. But I agree with the first comment you might have allergies allergic reactions or some thing very common when it comes to sensitive skin for me example I can’t put lotion on my skin or sunscreen I break out. Make sure your not buying things that a friend with a totally different skin type because what works for someone else might not work with you. 💚

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

I would see a dermatologist!! They can help you figure out what products you are allergic/ sensitive to and help you find alternatives.

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin too and it’s a PAIN to find a product that is gentle yet effective enough 😞 so far I’ve been enjoying the alpyn beauty Pore Perfecting Liquid Exfoliator with 2% BHA + Borage 4 oz / 118 mL 

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

I love sunbun it’s super good recommend trying it 

Re: Help! Sensitive skin

@LunaSkylz  Sorry your skin’s so irritated. 😞 I personally know that experience all too well: my facial skin’s quite reactive and it doesn’t take much to send it into red burning tantrum mode. 


You mentioned using a Keys Soul Care exfoliant… is it Keys Soulcare Be Luminous Skin Exfoliating Powder with Lactic Acid 2.3 oz/ 65 mL ? Do you use that daily? If yes, stop using it altogether, at least temporarily. Using any exfoliant on irritated skin will worsen any skin damage you’ve got now. Also, it’s possible you’ve broken your skin’s moisture barrier by over-exfoliating. AHA (alpha hydroxy acids, like lactic acid) exfoliants should be used no more than 3 times a week; ideally less frequently on sensitive skin. But for now, put that exfoliant on hold and focus on letting your skin heal. 


I wonder if the CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is also causing issues… your skin might be sensitive to lanolin. That’s a very good hydrating ingredient unless your skin’s irritated by it. Then again, you could be sensitive to any ingredient in that product or any other product. Narrowing down the culprit may take some product elimination. If you use a different moisturizer at night, try using it in the morning too and see if that helps your skin calm down. 


Seeing a board certified dermatologist is also a good idea. An esthetician cannot medically diagnose your skin (not in the US anyway); you need a doctor like a derm to do that. 

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