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Help Me Set Up a Skincare Routine! - Oily Skin



I'm 23 and looking to establish a skincare routine for my oily and acne prone skin.  I have questions about specific products as well as some general questions, and I'd love it if some of you lovely people could assist me!


So my concerns lie with my skin being oily and acne prone, of course, though I'm also looking to get a bit of an early start with anti-aging.


I thought about getting the Clinique 3-Step System for Type 3 skin, but I'm unsure because I've read it contains acetone and is actually really drying.  I've used this skincare system before, but it's been quite a few years since then, and I don't remember if I had a good experience with it.


I've also had a friend recommend Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil because it's good for acne and anti-aging.  If I use this, what would you recommend I use in the morning?


Plus I'm curious about Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream, and their It's Potent! Eye Cream.  Are these products any good?


I'm also intrigued by the whole Korean Skincare trend that's happening right now.


Dr. Jart+'s Water Fuse Hydro Soothe Eye Gel interests me, so I'd love to hear about your experiences with it, as well as the Belif's The True Cream Aqua Bomb.


Also, has anyone tried a 10-step Korean Skincare Routine?  Do you get good results?  Is an essence really necessary?  It seems like it's just a second moisturizer to me.


Thank you in advance!

RE: Help Me Set Up a Skincare Routine! - Oily Skin

Depends on the season and weather.

RE: Help Me Set Up a Skincare Routine! - Oily Skin

Hi! I definitely can relate with trying to establish a good skincare routine. I have oily skin and I'm prone to breakouts as well. I'm almost 31 years old and I'm still trying to find what products works well with my skin. I think it's definitely going to be a trial and error kind of process when it comes to your routine. What works for some might not work for you. I've heard so many people rave about the belif aqua bomb for oily skin and I ended up buying it and it didn't end up working for me. I personally think it made me more oily actually! I've been using the farsali rose gold oil lately as my moisturizer and I think it definitely has helped my skin produce less oil but I still get a little shine throughout the day but not nearly as much before using this product. Facial oils is another type of moisturizer that you can look into. I know using an oil sounds crazy but it's definitely going to help with balancing your natural oil production. As far as the essence I have not tried one but I'm definitely interested in including it into my routine. An essence is basically a water based product that you apply before your toner and an essence is supposed to allow all the other products you apply sink deeper into the skin to get the most benefits out of your skincare. Hope this was helpful and definitely ask for samples from Sephora of any skincare products you're interested in before you buy the full size products. The samples are free!

RE: Help Me Set Up a Skincare Routine! - Oily Skin

@Colinda93. I used to use Clinique in ny teen years and quickly moved on to other things. It is too drying and the ingredients just not the best. For oily and acne probe skin Boscia had many great options. The black and white pudding is great for reducing oil without drying your skin. Also minimizes pores. Don't be afraid to use cleansing oils especially if you are concerned for anti aging. Think BALANCING the skin rather than getting rid of all the oil. The oil keeps your skin young and stripping too much oil away actually can cause your skin to produce MORE oil in response! Gel moisturizers like Tacha water cream or Belief aqua bomb are great moisturizers that are oil free and non greasy. Go to Sephora and ask for samples of cleansers moisturizers masks and toners from these brands and see what works best for you! Good luck!
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