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Do you "pre-cleanse"?

In one of my Sample Society boxes I got a deluxe size sample of the dermalogica pre-cleaning oil and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I recently switched to the Ren Calm 3 Clay Cleanser (which is AWESOME), but it doesn't remove makeup well. I was using the Koh Gen Do spa water on a cotton pad to remove my face makeup but I was going through the bottle quickly & needed another option. 

I'm not a huge fan of face oils to begin with, Argan oil gave me a very bad reaction, so I was a little skeptical with the dermalogica. You apply it dry, then add a little water, massage & wash off. I felt like I couldn't wash it off, that the oil just sat on my face. Then I used the Ren Calm 3 with my clarisonic, rinsed & still felt the oil sitting on my face. I did end up using less of the Perricone Blue Plasma on my face (1 drop instead of 2) but it never seemed to "sink in" like it normally does. I waited 5 minutes instead of 2 to put on moisturizer & still felt a little "sticky". That's when I noticed the difference , my face was soft... like baby bottom soft & it still is. No greasy or tight feeling... nope, not here! So I can't figure out if I like it or not. I probably won't purchase it, but I am eyeing the REN balm 

I also was looking at the Korres emulsion, but think it might be too similar to the dermalogica. 

I guess I could always use a different mild cleanser, like the PTR gentle foaming that Sephora decided to stop carrying *cough cough*. I'm against makeup remover wipes; they are too harsh & drying. I tried Philosophy purity years ago, but was using it as just a cleanser, I never followed it with a better cleanser. 


Enough rambling... Do you pre-cleanse & what do you use/ have used? 

Re: Do you "pre-cleanse"?

Nope, I don't pre-cleanse, seems kinda silly to me.  I use eye makeup remover and rub the remaining remover over around my the center of my face where my makeup is heaviest.  I wash with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple, follow w a mask/peel/facial a few times each week, and follow that with Bliss Steep Clean pads.  Then of course treatment and moisture.  I consider that, my night time routine, as makeup/oil/dirt removing with heavy moisture, then my morning routine, which starts with Philosophy Microdelivery scrub, is more of a deeper clean/exfoliation/lighter moisture routine.  I am interested in the pre-cleanse idea because it means I can buy and use more products (lol) but it does seem kinda silly to me.

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