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Allergic reactions- eye products or seasonal allergies?

Within the past 6 months, I've had rashes evolve on my eyelids and underneath my eyes.  My doctor diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis.  Because of the thinness of skin around my eyes, she did not recommend topical steroids, and gave me samples of Eucrisa.  Truth: it stings for about 2 minutes, but then it really helped clear everything up.  I hear it's also expensive so if you can get samples, that's great.


I noticed I would get it right after I would have really fancy eyes, not just my everyday eyes.  I got it after a gala, and then again after an expensive date night.  Tried to determine what was different.  I realized that although I use eyeshadow frequently, I don't often use eye primer- laziness.  But I use it when I want to shine.  So I tried playing around, and I noticed when I used Smashbox, Kat Von D, and Laura Mercier samples from my various boxes, they all caused this to happen.  So I got rid of them all.  I eliminated my palettes because i use different palettes all the only seemed like when I used primer this happened.


Now it's happening again- I'm getting a rash, but more focused on the bottom of my eyes.  I haven't used any primers, but I did just order and try a new product- Tatcha's Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment.  I've only used it twice, about a week ago.  I need to really look at the ingredients, to see if that's it, but I just came here and was reading a few other threads and something came to mind.


I never really had bad seasonal allergies for most of my life (I'm 35), but about 3 years ago I started getting bad pressure and headaches at the beginning and end of each allergy season.  This year, I hear allergies have been especially bad, and I recently got a cluster of headaches and pressure.  


2 questions- has anyone else had a pattern of allergic reactions with eye primers and/or Tatcha products?  Secondly, does anyone else get these sort of seasonal skin reactions/did I misjudge my eye primers?

Re: Allergic reactions- eye products or seasonal allergies?

My allergies also affect my eyes, but not often the skin around my eyes. I have prescription eye drops for allergies, though. 


I have, however, experienced rashes/eczema breakouts on my eyelids due to one specific product--a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow stick. I haven't had that experience with eyeshadow primers, but I've been using the same Tarte one for years (now discontinued, but I stocked up while they were on sale). I've heard of people having reactions to the Urban Decay eye primer, and I wouldn't want to risk that happening to me.


I also picked up on a trick here--weirdly, the Bite Agave Lip Mask clears up any of the rashes I get on my eyes, but I'd be careful because I know a number of people are also allergic to Bite products. I do have prescription eczema ointment that would probably work, but considering that one of the side effects listed is cataracts, I wasn't going to risk it.

Re: Allergic reactions- eye products or seasonal allergies?

Hi, @mege2183,


I do have allergies, and I notice that my eyes are more sensitive during allergy season, and they tend to be itchy and less tolerant of a lot of eye makeup; however, I would not say that I necessarily get rashes. The irritation causes more redness in my eye itself, and increased itchiness - but not rashes on the lid.

I do get rashes/redness/swelling if I use an eye product I am allergic to. For example -  I'm allergic to the dyes in most pink and purple shadows. If I use one that causes a reaction, I will usually get redness and swelling on the lid within an hour or two. 

If this is primer and the Tatcha, and the products are not old/expired, is there any chance you have a sensitivity to silicone/dimethicone? That's usually the offending ingredient in a lot of primers, and it looks like the Tatcha has it, as well.

If you have a concealer that does not have those ingredients, and your lids are not overly oily, you could use that as a base, instead.

Re: Allergic reactions- eye products or seasonal allergies?

Thanks so much for your insight! I typically wear less eye makeup in the allergy months too, which is sad bc there are so many fun options. I appreciate sharing your experience and thoughts- so helpful!

Re: Allergic reactions- eye products or seasonal allergies?


Have you washed all your make up brushes thoroughly? 


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