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Sephora 50 off Sales

Why are so many items that are on sale not available? It is starting to get frustrating. They are either out of stock or it states that Sephora does not carry it, which does not make sense. More frustrating is the item is out of stock, and as soon as it is stocked, it goes back to regular price. There was one item specifically that was in the sales for only two or three days out of stock, just got back in stock today, and it’s at regular price. It was a Strivectin serum. Can someone help me understand what is going on? And/or, is there any way to filter the results? I’m tired of browsing through the sales, getting excited because I see some thing, only for it to be unavailable. I’m probably also just paranoid, but it’s starting to feel gimmicky. 

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

Nowhere else I’m aware of do Companies keep products on their website of OOS products. Sure, if there’s a color OOS, then keep the listing. Or if it’s a product that may come back in stock.


But when they are Sale items and all options OOS and still on the website, it’s beyond maddening to click on the item only to see “Out of Stock”

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

@Ecat79 not necessarily about the 50% off items,  but I get frustrated seeing the same items on the sale pages over and over that are OOS and clearly never coming back.  I also get annoyed when I try to sort by "new" items and it doesn't get sorted right.

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

Firstly, popular sale items can sell out quickly due to high demand, resulting in them becoming temporarily unavailable. It's possible that the item you mentioned, the Strivectin serum, experienced a surge in demand during the sale period, causing it to go out of stock. Secondly, inventory management can be challenging, and it takes time for retailers to restock items and update their pricing. It's unfortunate that the item went back to regular price as soon as it was restocked.

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

My thoughts exactly 💯

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

@Ecat79 At the moment, Sephora is matching (some) of the Ulta 22 Days of Beauty offers - which are different items each day of the sale at half-off (I think it ends tomorrow or Sunday, but they do it every year. However, I’ve noticed that Sephora seems to have extremely limited stock in those matching items (meaning they only earmark SOME of their total stock available for the sale price) and they go rapidly out of stock but they still have stock they keep for full price. I’m not sure, but this is just what I’ve observed. Ulta also tends to go out of stock of its popular items, but I’m not on their website enough to have seen how quickly things come back in stock at full price. Hope this helps! 

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

I’ve asked Sephora multiple times for a filter to

exclude out of stock items. I may be cynical but I think they collect data every time time you click on an interesting item that is not in stock. Ive started shopping straight from the beauty suppliers because it’s just too frustrating. 

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

Yes so many items I have purchased over the last few years still come up when you search for "related" items - and I know they are discontinued from way back, but it still shows up. It's like a ghost that keeps popping back from your own mind haha.

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

Literally driving me insane 

Re: Sephora 50 off Sales

StriVectin Super-C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL 


This is what was on sale yesterday at 50 off - out of stock (was new in sales)… today, back in stock regular price.  Argh!!!!

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