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CCO Sightings

I'm stealing this idea from Specktra.  Please share your CCO trips here.  CCO= cosmetics company outlet.  Let us know what outlet you visited and what was available.  Shout out to @denn2626 for mentioning CCO's in the Black Friday thread!



Re: RE: CCO Sightings

@Kim888It's a cosmetics company outlet

Re: RE: CCO Sightings

I was just going to ask the same question... Thanks..

RE: Re: RE: CCO Sightings


Re: CCO Sightings

Great thread @itscarin! Wish we had one here Smiley Very Happy

Re: CCO Sightings

@itscarin Thank you for starting this thread! I love outlet beauty stores. I shop in Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, FL. Here are some deals from last week.


CCO has currently 40% off and 50% off clearance. They also have sample station where you can choose 6 samples+makeup bag for $10 (the 40% off doesn’t apply)A7E067FB-4FC2-419F-83CC-770B997D7755.jpeg

Clinique toner was less than $7.


Luxury beauty store aka Lancome Outlet has 25% off and from 11/20 they will have 35% Off.


Clarins Outlet had cute minis for $9.99 - originaly $25 for Sephora.84ECF710-009A-4585-9055-FA5F61D02FE0.jpeg





Re: CCO Sightings

@katkapivarciThanks for sharing!  I went to some outlet around DC over memorial day weekend and picked up glam glow thirsty mud for $15!  I wish I had bought like 10 of them.  I think they're being discontinued?

Re: CCO Sightings

@itscarin That’s a great price! I have to check it out in my CCO next time😊

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