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Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

My daughter is turning 17 years old next week, and she’s always been exposed to perfume (as they evolved over the years) from a very early age. My mother, my grandmother, myself. I used to be a counter manager in cosmetics/skin care in a well known store many years ago in NYC (pre- Sephora days) and naturally fragrance was a big part of my world and as everyone knows, scent is so personal and memory evoking... I say this because when my baby was only 4-5 years old, she adored Clinique “Happy Heart” for many years... it was her first perfume actually! She also adored Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot ( which I used to wear back in the 90s) and also shared with her). I’ve actually purchased the Vanille abricot multiple times for her over the recent years, until one day she tried Versace Bright Crystal. She loved it and of course I began buying her that. Until she tired of it. Now, myself, I wore Allure by Chanel, often mixed with the Conptoir Vanille Abricot and on my skin chemistry, it just worked beautifully. I think I recall being a fan of Ralph Lauren “Blue” I believe it was called which I haven’t seen in ages. Issey Miyake when first released too I was crazy about. My daughter probably doesn’t remember it but I bet she’d like it. (If it helps, she currently uses Donna Karan deodorant daily and enjoys the scent too) The reason I’m giving all of this information and my own background is because I didn’t wear Allure, or anything for many years ( approx 8) and recently repurchased it. My daughter immediately exclaimed “I’ve got my mama back!” As she clearly recognised it ( she said this because I’ve been having some health troubles, hence not caring much about my own self. But wearing my old perfume again, I must say felt good. Still does whenever I use it. Though there are so many beautiful fragrances to discover still... Smiley Happy Now, my daughter really enjoyed the original “Flowerbomb” as a sample a few months ago but personally I don’t care for it. I felt it’s too heavy on her but when she wears the Vanille Abricot or Bright Crystal ( or in tandem) it smells wonderful on her. Additionally, she’s been using my Allure lately and aside from wanting to curb that lol, I know she likes having her own scent. And I want her to! My question for you fragrance experts is.... anyone have any suggestions based on my lengthy history? I was about to buy her the Clinique Happy Heart as I see it sold here on Sephora (nostalgia and from what I recall it was very pleasant , airy and young and fresh) but then doubt set in. She will probably be happy with any of these but... I’m a Libra lol. I was considering Jo Malone Wild Bluebell (though I might love it too but never tried it!) and Beachwalk (I believe it’s called which is pleasant to my nose) by Replica but that’s MY tastes. I’m also asking on here because I’m not able to walk around a store (disabled these days) and it would honestly be too painful to walk around a Nordstrom or a Sephora. So my nose is dependent on the internet and I can’t think of anyone more helpful than the Sephora BIC! I was considering anything that I’ve mentioned, along with possibly one of “younger” Killian scents (princess?) or even Twilly by Hermès? She seems to like heavier scents than I do, it seems... Suggestions greatly appreciated! Any and all. My apologies for this very lengthy post. Please advise. Thanking you all in advance for your time and patience xoxo

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!


Lucky daughter! That’s quite a different mix of scents. I was a Jo Malone faithful for years  until recently when I came across JULIETTE HAS A GUN - MMMM… 

it is available in 3 different sizes including travel. It has completely stolen my heart. It has this intoxicating mix of neroli, raspberry, orange blossom, sandalwood, tuberose, jasmine. 

If you were thinking of getting any of the Kilian fragrances, I’d consider this instead. 

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@GG84  Wow, thank you so much for the suggestion! It sounds extremely intriguing based on the description. You’re very convincing!  Smiley Happy  Thank you! xx 

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!


Wow, lucky daughter! Many people compare Flowerbomb to La Vie est Belle so maybe that's a lighter option she might enjoy?


The Kilians are not light wearing and can be quite sweet, though not more sweet than the Comptoir Sud house. Princess is a great one for her age if she would like its marshmallow accord. It's very fun.


The Jo Malones are lighter wearing and they are very pleasant, difficult to really dislike, and versatile for a variety of settings. But perhaps too simple for her?


Twilly by Hermes is a very unique tuberose. If she's a mature 17 yr old, that could also be a great pick. It's not as sweet as the others and she can wear it well into her 20s.


For something a little more edgy and unique, I'd suggest the house Etat Libre d'Orange. Like This or Remarkable People perhaps?

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@pocketvenus  Wow thank you so much for such a thorough breakdown! She’s my one and only, and I do what I can  Smiley Happy  I wish I could buy all of them right now ! Smiley Happy I will absolutely look at all these wonderful options.  Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to pinpoint which notes she likes, oftentimes giving her lots of the samples I’ve had, and the only one I know she clearly remembered liking a lot was Flowerbomb. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I just think there’s plenty of nicer possibilities out there....Frankly I was surprised she liked it. 

As far as Twilly, ordering it online without ever even having a whiff is difficult obviously, but something keeps telling me she’ll probably love it ( this definitely scares me only from a financial standpoint!, all of her liked ones actually. She’s been using my Allure by Chanel lately and it does smell lovely on her, but it’s not “hers” (I’m  accustomed to her smelling like a combination of the Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant, with Bright Crystal or Comptoir Vanille Abricot ). 

Thank you so much for your input! Much appreciated! ❤️

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@Raritystar She sounds like she has a much more sophisticated scent palette than I did at that age! I pretty much stuck to VS Love Spell and BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom! However, as I am nearly out of my 20’s now I’ve expanded my collection quite a bit. A few scents I consider ”younger” but still wearable are Juicy Couture scents, my favorites being Viva La Juicy Noir and Viva La Juicy Rosé. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is a another one I really enjoy. 

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@alexasteph  Thank you so much for your response! Very nice suggestions. I will read about them. I definitely don’t think she’d like a Pink Sugar for example. She might like it but she’ll use it as fragrance for her plushies which wouldn’t be the first time (she’s a serious plushie collector, and especially My Little Pony anything - she created this profile pic of “me” lol) ). She is actually not a “girly girl” in the traditional sense at all, which is the irony here because she does love to wear perfume and does take care of her skin but really doesn’t “get” makeup , at this point anyhow. I was extremely opposite and was exposed to Lancôme and Chanel thanks to my very cool mother at a very young age  Smiley Wink .

Regarding my fragrance dilemma , I just tried these Sephora quizzes just to see what may pop up for her.  I was considering Chance by Chanel just now for her. Have you ever tried that? Still on the hunt, as I have a few more days. Thank you again for responding! Smiley Happy  xx 

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@Raritystar I haven’t tried any of the Chanel Chance iterations so I can’t speak to them. For some reason Chanel hasn’t really hit my collection! 

Re: Greetings! Scent advise needed for a gift for my daughter!

@alexasteph  Thank you so much for responding. Smiley Happy They have such a large fragrance collection these days (it feels like to me), compared to the late 80s /early 90s whilst working for them, pre-Allure days I remember wearing Cristalle and No.19 all the time.  My mom was a fan of the original No 5 in her late 20s because she was amazed by its staying power (parfum) but then shortly after, somehow  her signature fragrance became Aromatics Elixir by Clinique for..probably at least the past 30+ years. She still wears it actually, but my daughter says she’s tired of it lol (I can’t deny that when or if I ever smell Aromatics Elixir elsewhere , I think only of my mom). It’s very unique on her. Just clicks.  I don’t like it on me for example.

I will definitely look at all these wonderful suggestions. I’m excited about this! Thank you again Smiley Happy  Xx 

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