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Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I was thinking about maybe buying one  when they have their big semi annual sale  in the summer what are your favorite ones ??? I know someone told me they have a really good one there but I dont know what the name of it is I dont remember what it was called.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I got a coupon for a free rollerball a mini fragrance with a purchase.I really like their new sports line they have some cute hoodies and tees .I really hate waiting for the semi annual in summer but I'am gonna wait.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

UPDATE -  they have a online sale at Victoria Secret going on now its 60 % off bras , undies , sleepwear , lingerie, apparel , pink, beauty / perfume


I was tempted to buy but I didnt get any bras they were out of my size in the sale section .I got three tops.Neon type of colors .I got a top from the pink collection and the victoria secret sport collection which is also on sale.They have leggings and sports bras and tanks too.

I got this tank in the neon lemon below and followed by a neon pink and the orange color I really like they dont have that color in store as much now.


I didnt get any freebies because I didnt buy any full priced items but they are giving away a pom pom keychain and some tote when you spend 75 dollars 


Image result for free tote when you spend 75 victoria secret

Image result for free pom keychain victoria secret 


The yellow one kinda looks similar to this sorry the real one I bought wouldnt show up on the VS website but its the black tank in a yellow neon color similar to this tank below

Image result for victoria secret lemon yellow racerback tank


Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I have tried a few of their perfumes.  I really like the Bombshell Summer the best.  It smells better than the original.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

Whats the difference between the summer bombshell scent and the original ? is one more floral and sweet smelling ? I like candy scents 

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

This is the new fragrance I was talking about 


 the summer scent havent tried that one out in store so idk what it smells like or how it compares to the original  ....

 this is the original 


Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I love VS Angel Gold, it's one of my favorite summer scents. Tease and Bombshell are also some faves. Black Friday VS always marks down the fragrance to $25 for the large size. It's a great time to grab some!

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

Yeah I did buy VS on black friday last christmas.They started their black friday right after thanksgiving on thursday so after I ate dinner I literally was online as soon as the sale started / became available because they sell out of items soo quickly during sales there.I bought two bras , underwear like 5 pairs , a bodysuit , romper and I got the free tote bag which was huge.Plus I got free shipping and money off everything I bought because of the major sale everythings marked down.So yeah I love a good sale I wouldnt buy VS any other way.The best freebies they give out are during their semi annual and black friday anyway.


Now that I know my bra size apparently I'am a 32 DDD.I was wearing a B cup . They measured me and had me try on bras there and in that size they dont carry many cute colors in the 32 DDD they all sell out pretty quick.So they dont have them in pink , or purple or any like  nice colors lol its black or white or something boring .Plus they dont  carry that size in all the bras they make.Most bras they have only go up to DD there only select ones are DDD which obviously is a pain for me now since I need the biggest bra  / cup size they have lol.


During the semi annual sale this summer I think its in  June or July I will have to do the same thing add items to my cart online and be ready to checkout as soon as the sale becomes available.Sometimes it annoys me they only have the semi annual started in store they dont do it online.I hope they do it online this year.I hate going to the store during the semi annual sale and having to pick over bras and underwear with the crowds surrounding the bra and underwear bins.I like some of the PINK clothes they have but again the supply and demands a problem they always sell out of everything .I tried to get a PINK tank top last weekend the line was like out the door and they didnt even have a sale lol it was insane.Plus I got the last one in the size small.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I really enjoy Tease (formerly Noir Tease). It's the only VS perfume I like, actually.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

Tease is the only perfume I have been using since I was 16, LOL. My all time favorite <3

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

yeah I love affordable stuff .I have bought high end perfumes like Micheal Kors island and Hermes and Chanel but I hate spending that kinda money on perfume lol.I just think its such a waste of money.Plus I like how VS always gives you a free tote bag or freebies with full priced items and they also let you add in 3 promo coupon codes so you can always save more money.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I think I have that , it came in a gift set with a tease body lotion it was a mini perfume gift set at the time.

Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?

I used to wear "Victoria's Secret Bombshell" (in a hot pink bottle) when I was in college because it was affordable and smelled amazing. It is fruity and floral if that helps? I would check it out next time you are in the store Smiley Happy


Re: Anyone ever try Victoria Secret Perfume ?


okay thanks yeah

I think they have a new one out now too its called Victoria Secret Bombshell summer its in an orange / pink bottle .Yeah its super afforable / cheap they even give you a free bag / body mist with  a fragrance purchase.

I hate waiting for the semi annual lol but I dont want to waste my money before the big sale comes.

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