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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

PLAY= Beauty Offers + Birthday Gift + Rewards Bazaar

So, I just want to say first that I really do like the Play boxes--it's a fun experience, I usually find at least 1-2 products that work for me, it's inexpensive, and a nice treat for myself. My one complaint is that so often, one or more items in the boxes have already been offered as a free gift with purchase under the beauty offers, or as a 100 pt reward in the bazaar, or as the birthday, last month I received a clinique makeup remover I'd already cashed in with rewards the previous month, and this month I'm getting a Tarte blush I got this past December. I like both of those products, so fine, I have backups now--but that's not why I subscribe to this. I know Sephora can't possibly know what products every customer already owns, but they can easily check and see what products they've offered as gifts, at least over the course of the past 12 months. I think Play would be so much better if it avoided duplicating these items!  

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