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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Box number seems useless

I've been trying to figure out my box number for months. I went to the site on my laptop, not on the app, and got the three digits, but when I go to view the boxes by number it doesn't match any of them. It seems like whoever is listing the boxes isn't really using these numbers. They're more like, "there's three variations and here's one, two, and three" and that's not numbers that are three digit nor are they consistent with the Play Item Numbers. It's been MONTHS that I've been back and forth on the boards and my account. I feel like I'm going crazy or am stupid bc I can't figure this out. I've read all over the message boards on this site and SO MANY OTHERS and still I am no closer to getting a straight answer each month as to which box is mine and what's in it until 3 days before the box arrives. Even then it's only bc Sephora FINALLY sends out the email (which they really should do at the beginning of the month like everyone else!). Can someone please help clarify, in detail, what is going on? And boo on Sephora for making this so complicated and unnecessarily stressful! They should have it appear on the website each month so when you click under orders to see your box, all the stuff comes up just as it would with a regular Sephora order. If they really only have three box options then the programming/coding needed to do that isn't so complicated that they can't fix it to do this in less than a week's time (my hubby is a coder), so why haven't they?  Get it together, Sephora! Lol jk! For real tho, I've been a Sephora customer for 17 years and the longer this company is around and the more technology evolves, the more this company seems to have issues with organization, clear, concise communication, and quality customer service. IJS. 

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