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Post in Oily Skin

Silicone free powder foundations

I have acne prone skin and a super oily nose and tzone. I found out through buying tons of products that foundations that have silicone just melt off my face and I am oily within an hour. Looking for a powder foundation that’s silicone free and that will keep me matte throughout the day without having to blot every hour on the hour. Please help! Thank youuu!!!

Re: Silicone free powder foundations

@briswett   This is tough!  I just learned that if an ingredient ends in "oxane" or "silane" it probably is a silicone.

I don't see any silicone ingredients in this Lancome Dual Finish Longwear Powder Foundation, but it does contain petrolatum. TongueSmiley Tongue


This one from Antonym is out of stock but maybe you could find it at their direct site: TongueSmiley Tongue



Re: Silicone free powder foundations

I use Sephora but unfortunately it has silicones.  In looking through the pressed powder foundations (I hate the mess loose powder makes), looks like Lancome Dual finish doesn't have silicone, but I haven't tried it.  Maybe some who have will comment.


I feel your pain! I have struggled with acne-prone oily skin my whole life. Blotters (paper or otherwise) are your best friend.  I use the CVS kind, they're inexpensive.  I have them stashed everywhere!  I have not found a foundation (I'm 63 yrs old) yet that won't melt off - you can't believe how many I've tried.


Have you tried oil control products?  I found that after my skin care, if I apply Urban Decay de-slick on my fingers and pat onto my oily zones it really helps. Then when I break out in oil about an hour later, I blot with the CVS blotters and then pat a bit of pressed foundation powder or oil blotting powder to keep up the oil control. I have to do it throughout the day.

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