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ColourPop shipping and VAT

Hello, fellow Canucks πŸ‘‹πŸ™‚


I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but ColourPop updated their VAT (value-added tax) procedures a while ago and it really did us a solid. Here’s the official info on it, from their website:




I kept ordering small amounts to avoid paying customs fees, but that meant I had to pay shipping. The last three times I ordered, however, I purposely ordered over our Customs limit (which got me free shipping from ColourPop) and the boxes showed up at my door with zero issues! πŸŽ‰  Yay for ColourPop for doing what so many other companies won’t or can’t for their international customers! πŸ‘


FYI, there is also a sale going on right now, β€œwhile supplies last.” I posted about it here:




Re: ColourPop shipping and VAT

 I have had never had a problem with ordering from colourpop until this last order. Colourpop has extremely poor customer service and I will not be ordering from them again. I ordered a $40 eyeshadow palette and one of the shades was missing. Went through the customer service and they only would offer me a $5 coupon code. They would not re-ship the missing product. I ended up dealing with my credit card company because for me to order that one shade missing from the palette it would cost me around $20 CAD. So beware when ordering because if something is missing or broken you will only get a coupon code that expires. Also customer service is very hard to reach. I ended up posting on there IG after 1 1/2 weeks to get a response. They also deleted any negative comments or reviews from there site and social media. I got a lot of private messages from people faceing the same issues. Just a warning and thank goodness for my credit card company for disputing the charges. Like I said when you buy a factory car and it only comes with 3 tires, there is no way I would except a coupon code and have to pay for shipping on top again because they made a mistake. I definitely won't be ordering from them again.

ColourPop shipping and VAT

Oh wow! Very nice! I have wanted to try some Colourpop items but the shipping process (duties/taxes) has always worried me. Thanks for posting. Now to browse...πŸ˜‰ (Edit- I did purchase a Supershock shadow in Fluffy when Sephora Canada carried it.)

Re: ColourPop shipping and VAT

@Fallingsnow  I’ve purchased several times since they made this change and the price you see during checkout is the price you pay. No surprises 😊

Good to know, thanks! :)

Good to know, thanks! Smiley Happy
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