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Why is my order taking so long?

I ordered makeup plus 3 free sample April 20th, and I chose the standard 3 day shipping. It’s now the 23rd of April and it’s still only saying “ in progress “ I really don’t understand.

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

I ordered something April 26th and it’s still processing 😡😢

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

Hi, @NateUnderdawg18


The high order volume from the Spring Bonus sale most likely delayed your order. Your order should ship out within a couple of days, depending on how backlogged the sale orders are. 


ETA: Now that I think of it, your order isn't even that late. You placed the order on a Friday and the Sephora Shipping Information (US) page states that "all orders process and ship Monday - Friday." Since your order was not processed the same day it was placed, it'll be processed the following business day (aka today, Monday the 23rd). If your order doesn't ship today, it should ship within the next couple of days. Keep in mind that on the checkout page, it says that "due to high volume, your order might experience a 1-2 business day delay."


Also, here's some more information about Sephora's shipping for future reference: 




Note: If you're Canadian, you can find a similar info here.


I hope this clears things up!

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

I live in Ottawa, Canada and I placed an order on April 30 with standard shipping (3-7 business days). I purchased two items. Every week, there is six days extension to post-delivery. I had to call the customer service and they request delivery form to the warehouse for shipping delivery and then they were like all us back if you don't receive any update with 48h wtf? lol

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

@MeLiSRaE34 @JakeTtP Between the sale (which always delays orders) and the global pandemic (which shut down stores and required increased social distancing protocols) there are a lot of online orders. On the website and app, there are notices about the delay everywhere. As long as your order says its in process all is good. We all just have to execute a little patience. If you're very concerned you could try posting in the customer support thread, where a mod might be able to help:

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

Heyy I understand the warehouse might be effect of by Covid19 protocols. But I hope you understand that we are purchasing for an order to be compete ASAP, not for an order to be complete in next 3 months. I don’t mine waiting double or triple times of post delivery date. You should give us an accurate date at least, not have our hopes up and change the post date again  and again. 

Re: Why is my order taking so long?

I mean, generally, yeah, but when the app and website mentions orders are going to be delayed due to safety reasons around a global pandemic, I understand that I'm not going to be getting my orders soon. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I don't work for Sephora. I placed an order on May 1, and it said it wouldn't arrive until June 1 in the expected delivery time line. I'm waiting until that time. Or even later, if it ends up changing. Because nothing I'm ordering is worth increased risk to distribution center workers so they can process more packages or delivery workers.

If you're order is still in process, you should be getting it eventually. There were A LOT of orders placed during the sale, especially because people have to order online. We all just need to exercise more patience, we are in the midst of a pandemic.

If you're very concerned, you can post in the customer support thread:


Re: Why is my order taking so long?




This is a public board for beauty lovers, and if you post here, you will get responses from, well, the public. If you want to talk to Sephora reps, they are in the CUSTOMER SUPPORT GROUP. Go there instead of calling people names.


(ETA: this was in response to a now deleted and quite nasty post)

RE: Re: Why is my order taking so long?

Thank you! I appreciate it! It gets delivered today.
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