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The One Palette Challenge

Palette Challenge Photo_Katie and Brenda holding eye palettes showing swatches.jpg


Who convinces themselves they need every palette out there… Especially when it’s versatile and can be used for both neutral and va-va-VOOM glamazon looks? *raises hand*


Who also has a tendency of buying a new palette, consistently using it for two weeks, and getting distracted by another product, abandoning their new friend OR just gets lazy with their eyeshadow game? *aggressively waves both hands in the air* *starts jumping up and down while waving*


If you can identify with any of the above, we have a challenge for you! We challenge you to dig into your beauty stash and pick out one palette that is extremely versatile. The goal is to use it daily or simply on the days your wear makeup… Up to you and your lifestyle! What we want to see are the different types of looks you can create or descriptions of the looks if you’re short on time or cannot find the right lighting. (A recurring dilemma in my life!)


The looks can be simple or intricate, how you play is up to you! Be sure to leave a comment to share the palette you’re focusing on. As far as updates, please track your progress throughout the week as many times are you're able to. We will try to devote ourselves to one palette for one and, if we aren’t having commitment issues, we can keep the challenge going!


I am going to be using my new obsession, the PAT MCGRATH LABS - Eye Ecstasy™ Eyeshadow & Mascara Kit. The six-pan palette in this kit offers everyday neutral shades, a range of light and dark shimmers, and the kit comes with a gorgeous crystalline pigment for a pop of glam. @BrendaBT will use the beautiful NATASHA DENONA - Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, @LexBT will be using CHARLOTTE TILBURY - The Icon Eyeshadow Palette, and @RebeccaBT will be trying the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Metallic Pigment Palette.



Will you join us on this challenge? Which palette will you pick?!



P.S. If you end up hitting pan on your palette don't forget to share your progress on the ever-popular Pan It! Challenge lead by the lovely @ElleElleG here:

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The One Palette Challenge

I did my eyeliner today using my chosen Subculture palette. Electric is in the Inner corner, then adorn is on the middle fading into my Fenty Beauty Flyliner. With final exams there was no time for a full face, this photo was taken after a full day of wear, it seemed to hold up ok. Later this week I will try to find time for a full eyeshadow look.

Re: The One Palette Challenge

OMG this is so pretty @ChescaCat . You bet I’m going to try it soon.

love this liner look @ChescaCat

love this liner look @ChescaCat

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@ChescaCat I love using eyeshadow as liner. Great look. 

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@ChescaCat  What a creative way to use your palette! 

Re: The One Palette Challenge

I'm doing the HUDA BEAUTY - The New Nude Eyeshadow Palettethis week to see how versatile it is with looks. Today I used the shades I circled on the image of the palette. I made sure to use my trusty ol' TOO FACED - Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Glitter Bonding Eye Shadow Primerto help the glitters adhere to my lids and to prevent fallout and it worked just fine. The shadows I used were all very pigmented and blended well together in case anyone is curious Smiley Happy


Other products used: LA MER - The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20

TARTE - Fake Awake Eyeliner

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA - Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette

STILA - Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick - Craft




Re: The One Palette Challenge

the Huda Beauty is lovely...can I love the puppers too? I have a Brindle Bullmastiff Pitbull with a white belly, so I love the doggy Mommas!

I see your infinity sign @gonerogue I also have one on my...

I see your infinity sign @gonerogue I also have one on my wrist 👍😉 you look beautiful

Re: I see your infinity sign @gonerogue I also have one on my...


Heeeeey! Tattoo twins! ❤️❤️

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@gonerogue such a pretty look 

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@gonerogue  So pretty! Love the bright colored scarf too. Where’s it from? Smiley Happy

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@trishavt  Thank you! I'm pretty sure the scarf is from Marshalls from several years ago Smiley Happy

Re: The One Palette Challenge

Gorgeous @gonerogue ❤️ 🥰

Re: The One Palette Challenge

That sounds interesting. I’m lately stuck with the routine of wearing single shadow or two at most which are mostly singles. My palettes haven’t gotten much love lately. I think it is a good excuse to break the routine.

I’ll start with ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@fatimamummy  Great choice! Can't wait to see your looks Smiley Happy

Re: The One Palette Challenge

For this week I’m going to use URBAN DECAY - Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette.

Monday-Retro, Reputation, and Blur.

Tuesday-Distilled, Bucked, and Blur.

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@KatieBT  Ahhhhh, this post seems directed right at me with my two week max palette obsessions😂. Um, I don’t even know where to start!  I think I may just close my eyes and reach for something! I can commit to one palette a week!  


Aaaaaand the winner this week is..... the Natasha Denona Tropic palette.  Okay.  I can’t wait to get started tomorrow morningSmiley Happy 

Re: The One Palette Challenge


What a great challenge! I have a lot of palettes so I think I will do one palette a week. This week (starting tomorrow) I will focus on using HUDA BEAUTY - The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette . Stay tuned for the looks! Smiley Happy

@gonerogue @KatieBT I could do this! one Palette a week f...

@gonerogue @KatieBT I could do this! one Palette a week for sure 👍

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@gonerogue I’m eyeing on this palette. Pls post looks and mini reviews too 😍🥰

Re: The One Palette Challenge

@blackkitty2014  It's a great palette for nude looks! I got mine when it first launched but haven't played around with it much so I figured it'd be a great contender for the challenge Smiley Happy