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Formula X For Sephora: The New Classics - Blues, Greens & Grays

191 colors is a lot of choices, so we swatched every single Formula X color we could get our hands on.


Have you swatched the Formula X polishes? Post a pic in the thread below!



Swatches: High Frequency, State of the Art, Continuum, Enigma, Omni, Daredevil, Centigrade, Fathom, Cosmic, Wunderkind, Orbit

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NewClassics_graygreen.jpgSwatches: White Matter, Fearless, Prism, Quantum, Supersonic, Anomaly, Connectivity, Gray Matter, Massive, Bonded, Tornado, Umph, Gravity, Dark Matter

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The New Neutrals>

The New Classics - Oranges & Pinks>

The New Classics - Reds & Purples>

The Xplosives>

The Holograms, The Chromes & The Brilliants>

The Shifters, The Sparklers & The Superwatts>

The Translucents & The Transformers>

The Lusters & The Celestials>

The Electrics>

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