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Dark Rainbow Traincase?

Hello everyone!


So, I was dying to get my hands on Sephora's Dark Rainbow Traincase, and I really wanted it for Christmas, unfortunately, that was not the case. I was going to purchase it myself, but by the time I looked for it online, it was completely sold out. Is there any way of getting it, or did I, unfortunately, miss out on it completely? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!


Thank you!!


Update: Found it in store! 

@Ckernewek It's gone from the catalog/search function, bu...

@Ckernewek It's gone from the catalog/search function, but I ordered one a few weeks ago and it's letting me click through to the product listing from my order history, and shows there's still a few in stock! See if this URL works for you:

Re: @Ckernewek It's gone from the catalog/search function, bu...

@Ckernewek maybe you can still get the sale price, too 🛍

Re: @Ckernewek It's gone from the catalog/search function, bu...

I actually was able to go to the Sephora in the mall near me, and they had them in stock! I grabbed one then! I hate that I missed out on the 20% off of sale items! But at least it was still able to get it for $75! I will say, though, it is frustrating that if it's out of stock online, it disappears from searches when it is still in store. It'd be nice if they fixed that error! 

Re: @Ckernewek It's gone from the catalog/search function, bu...

@Ckernewek Yeah, my local store still carries things that were discontinued from the website in like, July. Glad you found one!

Re: Dark Rainbow Traincase?

All I know to do is to stalk it. If you got it on your Loves list, you can easily check there to see if the "add to cart" button ever magically appears. Otherwise, it it harder to keep an eye on whether it is in stock.


I just checked my own Loves list, it should be there but it is not. That is so annoying! Items never used to just totally disappear from the site like that. But if the traincase comes back in stock, it should show up in my Loves again. I have seen stuff reappear in there.


I would also keep an eye on the category Makeup Cases & Travel Bags, under Makeup/Accessories



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