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best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

I think I'm allergic to most lipsticks and glosses. There must be something in them. I've tried tarte which is vegan and my lips aren't allergic to it.

Anyone suggest a clean or free of most harsh products lipstick or gloss?


Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

Have you tried Bite Beauty's line of lip products? They use all food grade ingredients and have an amazing range of lip sticks, glosses, and balms. My favorite from them is their agave lip mask.

Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

Bite has caused reactions to many users. They use lanolin, which can be an irritant. Food grade/natural isn't a guarantee free from irritants.


@mythrider Have you tried Aquaphor? Or had an allergy patch test?


RE: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

I see a dermatologist. I have a medical condition and I think it’s why I’m allergic to stuff. I can’t do burts bees. I do like fresh sugar lip stuff but it’s not long lasting. It might be a few things (I’m pretty sure beeswax is one) but I haven’t tried a lot. My facial person gave me a moisturizing lip balm that you put on for 30 minutes and it didn’t work, my lips got more chapped and itchy. I think the vegan/clean stuff works for me so far.

Re: RE: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

@mythrider Have you tried the Juice Beauty line? They are a organic, vegan and cruelty free brand that carries lipglosses, lip creams and lipsticks. Their products are sold in-store and online at Ulta. 

Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

I actually had an unfortunate and immediate reaction to the sample of Tarteist™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint that I got as part of a samples set 😕 


Although I can't use a lot of their lip products, I've actually had success with the lipgloss from Burt's Bees - which is awesome since it only costs $9. My lips are so sensitive that I also always just routinely use Dr Bronner's lip balm underneath any other product (the 'naked' one). 

Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

Got this from a dermatology site, figured it might be a good place for you to start:

'Ricinoleic acid, the main constituent of castor oil, has been identified in several large case series as the commonest current cause of allergic cheilitis due to lip cosmetics.

Some other allergens identified in lipsticks and lip care products as causing allergic cheilitis reactions:

  • Nickel – from the metal casing
  • Perfumes and flavourings – fragrance mix; Myroxylon pereirae (balsam of Peru); citral; cinnamaldehyde; peppermint oil; vanilla; geraniol;
  • Emollients – lanolin; castor oil; olive oil; almond oil; coconut oil; branched chain fatty acid esters such as glyceryl diisostearate, diisostearyl malate, glyceryl monoisostearate monomyristate; propylene glycol; oleyl alcohol; 12-hydroxystearic acid (major fatty acid in hydrogenated castor oil)
  • Solvent for dyes – castor oil
  • Colours – D&C Yellow #11; D&C Red #7, 17, 21 (eosin), 36; Lithol Rubine BCA; quinazoline yellow
  • Preservatives/anti-oxidants – propyl gallate
  • Additional components:
  • Sunscreens – benzophenone-3
  • Gloss – colophonium and its derivative ester gum (main allergen believed to be glyceryl-1-mono abietate); propolis (and other propolis-related substances including cera alba, propolis cerus, beeswax acid, synthetic beeswax) is also used as an emulsifier and thickening agent in cosmetics
  • Water-resistant film – polyvinylpyrrolidone / hexadecene copolymer (also used to improve stick integrity, give a rich feel and disperse the pigment)
  • ‘Anti-irritant agent’ – bisabolol (main active ingredient in chamomile)
  • Sealant – shellac
  • Cushioning/texture – di-isostearyl malate (fatty ester)
  • Vitamin E'


Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

@mythrider Is there a certain ingredient or allergen that you know you maybe allergic to? If not, I would probably suggest seeing a dermatologist first before investing more money on products that could produce the same issues if you are unsure on what is inside these lip products that are causing an irritation.

Re: best lipstick or gloss for senstive lips?

have you tried LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C Original.  I use it as a gloss sometimes.  I's got a very light pink tint to it and it's oh so soothing!

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