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Pat McGrath Minis

Okay I just received these today and I usually use a liquid lip. They have some white stuff on them and I didn’t know if it was mold or a powder or what! Really I just want to know if you think they are safe to use because I love the shades



Re: Pat McGrath Minis

@Ashleigh97 It looks like wax bloom to me - changes in temperature/humidity i can cause the lipstick to "sweat." I'd personally still exchange it since I think they are price-y enough that you should be getting a perfect product but assuming it is wax bloom it should still be safe to use.


Someone I think  on reddit (but possibly here) a few weeks ago posted they received lipsticks with this issue from PMG direct  and customer service told them it was wax bloom.   I read online if its that  you should be able to wipe it away with a sterile qtip or something but I have no idea on the accuracy of that statement.  

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