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Bomb Lip Balms!



EDIT: This started out as a way for me to chronicle my journey to find my favourite lip balm. The thread quickly gained traction and many people chimed in with their favourites, so I decided to change the point of this thread to be more of a resource to help people find their favourite too.


If youโ€™ve got a favourite, please feel free to post it here. If youโ€™re on the hunt for something, have a read through all the posts. Hopefully youโ€™ll find your favourite holy grail lip balm too!





Iโ€™ve been on the hunt for my absolute favourite, holy grail lip balm lately. I decided to provide reviews for ones Iโ€™ve tried here in case anyone is interested.


My criteria for lip balm is it needs to restore a feeling of moisture in my lips, provide additional benefits like calming irritation or including SPF, come in small, pocket-friendly packaging, and cost less than $10. I donโ€™t mind scents or flavourslong as theyโ€™re pleasant. If anyone has lip balms they love, Iโ€™d been interested in trying them out.




Nivea: Delicious Drop (Peach & Vanilla)

Cost: $7

Pros: Smells absolutely heavenly, soft, buttery texture, restores moisture, has SPF, tear drop shape for wider application

Cons: Difficult to find outside Asian shops, no calming ingredients for irritated lips

Verdict: Love, love love the scent! Will definitely purchase again and use on good lip days.


Lovisia Lip Cream (Pikachu Yuzu)

Cost: $15

Pros: Smells fresh, citrusy, and invigorating, soft texture, moisturizing, super cute, nostalgic packaging

Cons: No SPF, no calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips, pricy, difficult to find outside Asian shops

Verdict: Very nostalgic but price and  lack of SPF makes it hard to justify buying again. A maybe for days when I need a feel-good throwback to my childhood.


Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal

Cost: $4

Pros: No scent, has SPF, very moisturizing, cheap, easy to find in local drug stores

Cons: No calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips

Verdict: My current go-to if I need lip balm. Iโ€™ve already gone through a few of these.


Benton Honest Lip Balm

Cost: $11

Pros: No scent, consistency is not too think or sticky feeling, long lasting moisture, vegan

Cons: Difficult to find outside of Asian shops, no SPF or calming ingredients for irritated, chapped lips

Verdict: I prefer stick formulas. Probably wonโ€™t repurchase again unless they develop a stick formula.


Shiseido Water In Lip

Cost: $10

Pros: Very moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, cooling effect for irritation, SPF

Cons: Has a cough syrup-like smell (goes away quickly), hard to find outside of Asian shop

Verdict: Will repurchase again for days when lips are irritated and red.


The Crรจme Shop x Hello Kitty Macaron Lip Balm (Cool as Mint)

Cost: $8

Pros: Minty scent, contains vitamin E, very cute packaging

Cons: Thick consistency, no SPF, packaging might be cute but not the most compact

Verdict: Wonโ€™t repurchase, but will definitely keep the packaging to re-house other lip balms in (it lies flat, so itโ€™s great to keep in my car on hot days when lip balm gets a little melty)


Blistex Lip Medex

Cost: $5

Pros: Very cooling for irritated lips, easy to find at drug stores, lots of lip balm in container means it will last a long time

Cons: Smells like Vaporub (actually a pro when Iโ€™m sick), clunky packaging, no SPF

Verdict: Used to be my go-to when my lips were in rough shape. Have found ones I like more, wonโ€™t repurchase.


Eucerin Aquaphor

Cost: $3

Pros: No scent, Seals in moisture, easy to find at drug stores

Cons: Doesnโ€™t restore moisture when lips are dry, no SPF

Verdict: Itโ€™s alright. Wonโ€™t repurchase unless I desperately need lip balm and thereโ€™s no other option.



Cost: $4

Pros: Seals in moisture, can found almost everywhere, shouldnโ€™t cause any irritation

Cons: No other benefits outside sealing in moisture

Verdict: Itโ€™s versatile and takes forever to empty. I think itโ€™s going to be a while before I repurchase.



$8 for 3

Pros: Has SPF, seals in moisture, easy to find at drugstores, very cheap

Cons: Has a scent I canโ€™t describe (not terrible but not amazing either)

Verdict: Itโ€™s meh. Wonโ€™t repurchase.


Covergirl Clean Fresh (clear)

Cost: $5

Pros: Contains hyaluronic acid, easy to find at drugstores, comes in other shades

Cons: Really thick consistency, no SPF, doesnโ€™t feel like it adds moisture back (despite containing hyaluronic acid)

Verdict: I really wanted to like this one but it underwhelmed and underperformed. Wonโ€™t be repurchasing.


Koaino Eco Lip Balm (Unflavoured)

Cost: $6

Pros: Simple, all-natural ingredients,  seals in moisture, packing is paper-based makes it compostable

Cons: Smells like greasy popcorn, doesnโ€™t restore moisture, no ingredients to calm irritated lips or SPF, hard to find anywhere

Verdict: Not a fan of the scent, wonโ€™t repurchase.


Sephora Collection Clean Lip Balm (Coconut, not pictured)

Cost: $10

Pros: Clean, coconut scent, restores moisture, smooth texture, some of the packaging is paper-based, comes in many flavours

Cons: No SPF or calming ingredients for irritated lips, doesnโ€™t seem to be available anymore

Verdict: Not listed anymore, so couldnโ€™t repurchase it even if I wanted to.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG

@dride25 Great suggestion. Aww that is too bad they do not have them at Sephora anymore. I purchased one a while back and it is almost finished.

Re: Bomb Lip Balms: The Search for my HG

I had no idea it was at sephora! You're not thinking of Laniege right?

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