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Need help finding my skin type & concerns

Hello! I really need some advice. I’ve been using skincare for quite some time & I’ve been consistent as well. However, my skin does not improve.

I don’t eat a lot of unhealthy stuff such as sweets etc… & I eat moderately. I also drink enough water everyday, rarely anything other than that. I’ve changed my skincare products a few times but still no improvement.

I’m not sure if I’m using the wrong products or what but my current skincare routine is 

• abib acne foam heartleaf sacylic acid cleanser

• anua 77% soothing toner

• and Dr. G blemish cream for my skincare routine.

I think I have oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin but I might be wrong.

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@valeriexq1 @If you’re doing everything topically and still not seeing results, you could potentially consider an anti inflammatory diet for a few weeks and see if that helps.  The diets are normally very nutrient dense and high in antioxidants while omitting nightshades and foods known to trigger inflammatory responses.  

acne is a form of inflammation and reducing inflammation throughout your body could help you in your skin healing journey. 
Perhaps getting blood work done to check for nutritional deficiencies could be helpful as well.  if you’re lacking in nutrients your skin can suffer as a result.  I wouldn’t recommend taking any supplements without blood work first so you know what you actually need.  

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

Hi @valeriexq1! To piggyback off @SportyGirly125, Colour IQ takes a close up of your skin, so it can tell you skin type too. 

If you want to do it at home, try washing your face, patting it dry and waiting a few hours before putting on skincare. If your skin feels tight after a while, it’s dry. If you look shiny or greasy, you’re oily, and if nothing significant happens, you’re normal. If something happens but only in certain spots, then you’re combo.


It looks like you’re missing a moisturizer and sunscreen from your routine. Even if you’re oily, don’t skip moisturizer. It could be due to oily sebum being produced to compensate for the lack of moisture in your skin. Adding it can help reducing your oiliness.

If you’re not seeing any improvement, I would recommend speaking to your doctor or dermatologist if you have one. Diagnosing bumps is outside the scope of BIC. Once you do know what they are, we can help you pick out ingredients and products that target those specific concerns. 

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@valeriexq1 @Have you done the skin IQ in Sephora?  I am guessing it’s the products you are using. 

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

No because isn’t that to like find your right color match?

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

Yeah. But Ive been trying to do it online, -as I am young enough for my parents to not let me go alone and my schedule is too busy- the shade thing won’t work and I think it is what’s keeping me from finding personal recommendations.

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@valeriexq1 @No it’s actually different. You go in store with no makeup and they scan your face and it gives you feedback on what your skin is lacking. It could also tell what skin tone you are and they can add recommendations on foundations. I had it done last year and it was pretty accurate. 

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@SportyGirly125  They reccomended skincare to you using the device or after a questionnaire? 

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@heartsmyface @It does email you foundation and skincare after it is done. 

Re: Need help finding my skin type & concerns

@heartsmyface this is what mine showed



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