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All things K-Beauty!!

For those who don't know what this is, it stands for Korean Beauty!


Honestly, I'm surprised I don't see even more stuff posted about K-Beauty as it seems to be taking over right now.  I hear nothing but good things about their skincare, makeup, etc!


I recently got the Amorepacific cream as a 100 point perk and am really liking it for daytime moisture (although I think it may be better in the summer as I still feel a tad dry), and I hear good things about the Chosungah22 products which Sephora carries!


I also recently made a giant order through a Korean retailer called Jolse, can't wait to get my stuff!


Do you guys love K-Beauty? Do you have any reviews of stuff you've tried? I'm hoping to get this moving and that people will post in here regularly about skincare and cosmetics from Korea!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I know that a few people have placed orders from Jolse - do you have to pay any other shipping fees (duties, customs fees, whatever) to have them ship to the U.S.? I have never ordered from anywhere overseas before and I'm a little nervous that I'll end up being hit with extra charges.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

No duties for me or any extra charges ever. I once placed an order so big around $300 and it was still fine. I think they declare as gift or far under the value so no extra fees would occur. It should be fine.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Thanks so much! That makes me feel better Smiley Happy

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I love K-Beauty stuff! I mostly buy everything from ibuybeauti because they have free international shipping over 50$ and almost every weekend they have 20-25% off! I usually buy lip colour or blush related products only, since most face makeup only comes in 1 or 2 colours that definitely don't work for my skin tone, but I recently purchased some skin care products that I am waiting for. If anyone is into cushion blushers, I would definitely recommend the A'Pieu Rilakumma Air Fit Cushion Blusher, it's the cutest packaging over and comes in really flattering colours. I also tried the Innisfree Balancing Cleansing Oil as an oil cleanser and loved it! Whenever I buy from ibuybeauti they usually include some as a sample and it is actually amazing. 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

CVS is going to start carrying K-Beauty at select locations. You can check online to see if the items are available at your local store. Also Ulta, and Target have a decent selection.


Sheet masks have become my favorite product so far, but I want to look into snail products because I loved my snail sheet mask. 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Heads up MisshaUS is having a 50% off all sheet masks sale which means they start at $1.  

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

A question for anyone who uses Missha FTE: do you love it? If so, what do you see it doing for you? I have a bottle I've used on and off, and I'm not sure it's doing anything for me. Am I expecting too much from a fancy water? I've seen this mentioned as a holy grail so many times, I feel like I'm missing something!


To clarify the "doing anything," I have pretty good skin (at 35) but would take any boost in brightness, even tone, and dimming of my natural non-rosacea pinkness. If not those things, what does it do for you? 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I've been using it for a year+ and I've noticed my skin texture and tone improve in general. Although I'm not 100% certain that the FTE is the sole cause of these results, I feel like it adds a nice layer of hydration before serums and other moisturizers and helps them absorb better. 



Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Thanks @myumew, helping other products is something I hadn't considered!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I went through a bottle of it and didn't notice a difference between when I was using it and when I wasn't. I seem to have that problem with a lot of FTEs though. 


Re: All things K-Beauty!!

As someone who's only been doing the k-beauty process for a year, I can definitely say that the essence is a core step for me. An SA explained that the essence is supposed to penetrate deep into your skin and hydrate/treat it deep within (which is why it disappears so quickly), where moisturizers hydrate the top layer and form a barrier to protect the skin from outside contaminants and drying. I've definitely noticed a difference on the days when I use an essence compared to those I don't (particularly in hydration and softness).


That said, I've tried a bunch of essences and some of them are definitely duds, at least for my skin chemistry. And not all of them are super watery. I haven't tried the Missha (it's on my list), but if it's not working for you, then move on. There's a lot of variety out there!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I'm thinking about ordering a few things from peach and lily. Any thoughts on:


Mizon snail repair intensive ampule

aromatica  tea tree foaming cleanser

creamorlab mineral treatment essence 

mizon snail repairing foam cleanser








Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@sierrafallon I can't weigh in on any of the products but I just wanted to pop in to suggest that you look at Amazon for some of these - you might find lower prices. Smiley Happy

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@JenniferOhJenny I'm really hesitant about ordering from amazon, because I often hear they have a lot of fakes. Do you order from Amazon? 

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@sierrafallon I order from Amazon quite a bit. It is my understanding that the Prime sellers are extremely well-vetted. I have never had a problem with anything I've ordered, but if I don't order from a Prime seller (which is rare) I make sure to check the feedback on the seller.


I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Tracy on the fanserviced-b blog (fanserviced-b dot com), but she has a post about how to order Korean products now that Memebox is no longer a retail site. She mostly talks about ebay in that post but she does mention Amazon Prime in other posts on her blog. It inspired me to order from ebay and those orders have also worked out really well for me (I always pay with PayPal, though). Good luck!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@JenniferOhJenny So I've heard from someone who knows someone that works at amazon that the things that amazon has in their warehouse are just combined (so even if you order from one seller doesn't mean that you get the product that that seller sent it). So I'm assuming everything that amazon accepts into its warehouse is vetted well? Or should I order from a seller that ships from their own warehouse that has good ratings?


thanks for the information Smiley Happy

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@sierrafallon I'm not @JenniferOhJenny, but I have some info here too. Sellers that send stuff to Amazon for shipping (the listing will say "Sold by XYZ and Fullfilled By Amazon) [FBA] do have the option to keep their stuff separate from other sellers or not; it's called co-mingling. Not having your stuff co-mingled (i.e. keeping it separate from the other sellers) incurs an additional charge, and I really have no idea what the acceptance rate of that option is. However, listings on Amazon don't specify if an item is co-mingled or not AFAIK, so you really have no idea. If one seller sends in fakes, and co-mingles their stuff with other FBA sellers, you could very well get a fake even if the seller Amazon says you are buying from sent in legit items. If authenticity is a concern, I would recommend staying away from FBA items, as no, Amazon doesn't verify authenticity of every single thing that every seller sends in. Either buy stuff that is SOLD by Amazon, or buy directly from sellers that ship their own stuff and have good reviews.  

All that said, Amazon's return policy is pretty awesome, so while getting a fake is a hassle, there isn't much risk involved.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I wouldnt advise buying anything off amazon.I had the worst service ever. I only ordered off amazon one time in my entire life recently and they ended up sending my items late it took like almost a week to ship it was ridiculous they also didnt take the money out right away.But that wasnt even the worst part apparently amazon signed me up for a Us weekly magazine subscription and I never ordered it to begin with.I got sent two of the magazines and I said hey I'am not paying for this and I better not be getting any bill in the mail.I threatened to sue them.I literally had to call and email people about the issue and I even talked to US weekly customer service and they were like oh a 3rd party made the order.I thought to myself oh okay but If I didnt make the order why would you think I want your magazine ? if a 3rd person has to steal my name and address and make an order for it obviously I dont want your product.They told me I had to contact the 3rd party and basically I was the one cancelling the order and I had to do all the work,This situation took maybe 3 months to resolve.I must of told US weekly 10 times what happened and unfortunately no one spoke english or knew how to read in customer service so it was a hassle I had to tell off a lot of people involved in the situation.


I havent recieved any magz as of recently but I did say hey what your doing is illegal and I'am pretty sure you know that.I did check out my spam folder recently however and it said order cancelled placed earlier in the week and I sure didnt order anything from amazon this week because I have been sick in bed the entire week sooo yeah I would say never order from amazon .It was like identity theft from I guess that was included with their free shipping cant even tell you the service was legit the worst I have ever had to deal with in my life and I do a lot of online shopping.I have never had to go through that kinda stuff until I made an order on


I only ordered a bralette  on amazon and the item was fine and everything but I didnt sign up for all that. I never would of ordered it had I knew that was gonna happen.I had to threaten people in order for amazon to cancel the fake / bogus magazine subscription scam they signed me up for.I also read about people going through similar situations on rip off so it wasnt just me but apparently thats how they got my information


Also people I know  have told me never sign up for amazon prime they bill you monthly for it and its really hard to cancel it apparently.A girl I know ordered from too and she got one of those giant pool float type a things and it had a hole in it so it was already damaged when she got the product.Stories like these and my story are the sole reason I dont care what their sellling me I'aint buying it.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@sierrafallon Oh I have never heard that, so I don't really know. I'm guessing that if you order things that are fulfilled by Amazon, you should be fine. For the ones that have their own warehouse I would definitely look at how good their ratings are and also how many they have.


Something that I like to do is google whatever it is that I'm thinking of purchasing and looking at the reviews that come up. A lot of times, if a beauty blogger has reviewed it she will say where she bought it and also might have a link to it in the review. 


Usually I end up with a bunch of tabs open - Amazon, Jolse, ebay shops, Soko Glam - and go back and forth figuring out which is the least expensive. (Sifting through reviews and hunting down the best prices is like therapy for me, so I might be overthinking the whole process Smiley Happy.)


I hope that helps a little!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Yes it does! I found one of the products on iherb that's cheaper than Amazon! So I'll definitely be searching for the best price! Thanks @JenniferOhJenny and @RGbrown for helping me get the best price Smiley Happy

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

@sierrafallon Oh good, I'm so glad!

Re: All things K-Beauty!!



Both the Aromatica and Mizon foam cleansers have rather high pH. So if you have sensitive skin and/or very dry skin, it might be better to get a lower pH (~5.5) cleanser.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

I'm so glad I read this thread! I had my eye on some kbeauty items and, thanks to reading about, just placed an order. I'm so excited about this! I was able to get products not available in the US, and I also purchased items that I can get here but at a better price point through that site.  

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Has anyone ever shopped at the US Althea Kbeauty website?  I am tempted because Althea has kbeauty box sets like Memebox had for decent prices.  TIA.

Re: All things K-Beauty!!

Hi everyone! I posted this in the June haul thread, but wanted to share that my order came in! I am so excited! It's taking all my willpower to not slather it all on my face tonight lol. I'll be introducing things slowly over the next several weeks. Pics and what I got in the spoiler below. Variety of samples are on the left. An entire pack of Tony Moly face masks, socks, washcloth, skin/body/hand care items etc. 


Samples are on the left. They included hand/skin/body care, base products, socks, 10 sheet masks. 

My actual purchases are:
Tony Moly variety pack of sheet madkd
Tosowoong Blueberry sheet mask pack
Su:m37 Secret Essence
cosrx Acne Pimpe Master Patch
cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream Rx
Sulwhasoo Hydro Aid Cream
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cleanser
Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

I also purchased the Sulwhasoo cushion I have been itching to try. It came out in LE packaging and that pushed me over the edge lol 
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