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VIB Rouge FAQs



1.) What is VIB Rouge?

VIB Rouge is our newest and most premium membership tier. When you spend $1,000 on merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) on, in U.S. and Canadian Sephora stores and/or in Sephora inside jcpenney locations within one calendar year (January-December), you qualify for VIB Rouge status. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual re-qualification is required.


2.) When did VIB Rouge begin?

VIB Rouge launched on July 23, 2013. If you spent $1,000 in 2013 by July 23, 2013, you qualified for VIB Rouge status.


3.) What qualifies as spend towards VIB Rouge?

All merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) on, in U.S. and Canadian Sephora stores and/or in Sephora inside jcpenney locations during one calendar year (January-December) count towards the $1,000 spend requirement. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


4.) Do merchandise purchases made a Sephora inside jcpenney locations count towards the VIB Rouge spend requirement?

Yes. All merchandise purchases (excluding gift cards, egift certificates, taxes & shipping) count towards the $1,000 spend requirement.


5.) Is VIB Rouge available in Canada?

Yes. VIB Rouge is available in Canada.


6.) When does my VIB Rouge status expire?

VIB Rouge status is good for the calendar year in which the BI member qualifies and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


7.) What benefits do I get as a VIB Rouge client?

As a VIB Rouge client, you receive the following benefits:

• All the great benefits BI & VIB clients receive

• Free Shipping on all orders

• Unlimited access to the Beauty Studio

• Exclusive invitations to Rouge-Only Events

• Special seasonal surprise gifts

• Access to a Rouge Concierge

• And much, much more… Learn more at


8.) If I am VIB Rouge, do I still qualify for regular BI and VIB benefits? Yes. In addition to all the additional benefits you receive as a VIB Rouge member, you still receive all the benefits Beauty Insiders and VIBs receive.


9.) I have 1000 points, why don’t I qualify for VIB Rouge?

If you have accumulated points over the years and have 1,000 points in your Beauty Bank, you must still spend $1,000 on merchandise at, in a Sephora retail store or in a Sephora inside jcpenney store within a calendar year (January-December) to qualify for VIB Rouge. VIB Rouge is good for the calendar year in which you qualify and the following calendar year. Annual requalification is required.


10.) I haven’t received my VIB Rouge Welcome Kit.

Where can I get one? When making a purchase online at you will be prompted to add a VIB Rouge Welcome Kit to your basket during the checkout process if you qualify for Rouge status. When making a purchase at a Sephora retail store or Sephora inside jcpenney store, your cashier will give you your VIB Rouge Welcome Kit if you qualify for Rouge status.


11.) Will I receive the same VIB Rouge Welcome Kit online as I would in store?

Because you do not need a Beauty Insider membership card to shop online at, the VIB Rouge Welcome Kit you receive online will not include a membership card, but it will include everything else the kit includes. The VIB Rouge Welcome Kit you receive in store will include a membership card.


12.) Will returning merchandise affect my VIB Rouge Status? If you have qualified for VIB Rouge, returning merchandise will NOT affect your current year’s VIB Rouge status. However, annual requalification is required.


13.) I have already signed up for 2-day Flash shipping, but as a VIB Rouge client I receive Free Standard Shipping. Will I be reimbursed?

As a VIB Rouge member, if you would like to be reimbursed for Flash shipping please call Customer Service at 855-RougeVIB.


14.) Are the “Special Surprise Gifts” VIB Rouge clients will receive going to be the same samples we receive today as VIB members?

The same great offers will be offered to our VIB members throughout the year; however, additional offers will be available to VIB Rouge members only.

15.) I see a "VIB Rouge" board in BeautyTalk, but I receive an error message when I try to access it. Why is that?

The VIB Rouge board is exclusively available for VIB Rouge members. When you reach the Rouge level you will be granted access to the board.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Also- don't forget that "young" is relative.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

How do I find out how many points I am away from Rouge?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

it's so easy to spend $1000 at sephora when there are no other beauty stores to chose from! (Canada!)

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I can't believe I dropped over a grand in a year! Rouge status is scary! 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

If you put a ton of stuff in your basket it will tell you if that will get you to Rouge and just start deducting until it tells you that you only need $30 (or whatever) more...

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I'm just here to say that I had no idea I spent $1000 at Sephora this year. I don't know if I am excited or appalled.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

lol colour me the same!

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Does the free shipping perk applies to orders to Canada?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Yes, but right now the website doesn't remove shipping automatically, so for the next little bit if you make an order you can contact customer service to have shipping refunded.  Not ideal, but omg free shipping in Canada, so much better than paying the $8 or having to buy $75 every time!

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

got my rouge free lipstick today..amazing..i got so many compliments on it..i have been trying to find the perfect red for months now..thank you Sephora!!!!




Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Oh my god, more power to you ladies!  I will be stalking all posts about "Rouge" just to see what kind of perks you get.  

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I seriously should have bought my clarisonic aria and clarisonic plus from sephora! could have been a rouge by now.. or at least close to. regrets Smiley Sad i got sold due to 20% off and nice gift. tsk.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

So if I haven't qualified yet, do I still have time to qualify?

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Of course you do.  It's just like VIB (which I see that you are).  You have from 1 January-31 December each calendar year to qualify. There's no good reason to go on a crazy shopping spree for the sake of qualifying (unless you really want or need to). People will continue to qualify the rest of the year.


This is just the first that the program was rolled out.  IIRC, VIB was rolled out after BI started. Same deal here.

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

@coutureme, absolutely! You have all year to still qualify. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

I don't think I want to be VIB Rouge...It just doesn't seem worth it for spending $1,000 a year. Who needs all that makeup, honestly? I work in the beauty industry and spend more at Nordstrom, and they already have free shipping and perks. 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

It's not just makeup, though. It's skincare, perfumes, bath products, nail polish, not to mention gifts to friends and loved ones, well, you get the picture. And yes, you can get a lot of these products at any of the major department stores or niche boutiques, but in the same vein, why go to Publix if there's a Sedano's nearby? So personal preference aside, if someone is spending that much money, like me for instance, it's nice that more perks are being offered to those who are loyal clients. I hope Nordstrom holds a beauty event and gives away things you enjoy in the near future! 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

The thing is that Sephora doesn't just sell makeup. They sell hair care as well as perfume which is basically 10% of the $1000. Also it is easy to gift to other women from Sephora. (at least for me)

Im not sure how Nordstrom works nor do i know their perks, but I have a bloomingdales card and they have the same reward and point system card, however the only "perk" is you recieve $25 after getting 5,000 points. and 75% of the points go away after the year is over. So i would much rather purchase what i need and all my gifts from Sephora (that are beauty related). Especially if you just love makeup, perfume/cologne, hair and skincare!! Smiley Happy


Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

If by where it states my points it says 18points until next reward does that mean 18 points from rouge status? 

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

It should say 18$ not 18 points...

Re: VIB Rouge FAQs

Ohh, once I deleted the item from my shopping cart it says nothing. It just says the amount of points I have. I guess I can call the vib hotline to find out how far I am from Rouge. I need it! Haha