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VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!


I have spent thousands of dollars at Sephora and have VIB rouge status. I am very disappointed with the program, for the amount of money customers have spent the way Sephora chooses to thank them is honestly embarrassing. Every time I have tried to use my beauty insider points ALL of the items at 750+ points are sold out. In addition, when I try and use my points online shipping is unavailable until I add a regular item or a 750+ point gift which is ALWAYS SOLD OUT. I have to buy more things from Sephora just to use my rewards points, doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous to ask customers to do that (Especially with VIB Rouge status!!!). I am planning on switching over to ULTA at this point where I can actually be rewarded for my loyalty. Please Sephora change your VIB and VIB Rouge benefits to actually make it worthwhile to be a long time customer. 

Re: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I completely agree. Am probably done with Sephora for exactly the same reason. Seems the higher value rewards are always sold out - I think it is a scam. Infuriating.

Re: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I totally agree girl, i’ve also tried to purchase my 1000 or 750 too and it’s been sold out within the minute. They really need upgraded that 

Re: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

FWIW, I think sephora gives a great value by providing free shipping to their Rouge customers as well as the option of free two-day shipping with any purchase and no minimum. I get that it's annoying to spend more money to cash in a reward but shipping a box even at a reduced rate costs 3.99 at a minimum and you can literally buy a chapstick and have your rewards sent (plus samples and possibly a GWP) for free. That particular perk along with the option to choose your samples is not offered by any other major beauty retailer out there. I get that people are upset because they are "loosing" their preferred perks, and I do wish more of the 100 point rewards (or even different, better rewards) were available in store but Sephora is still doing well by it's customers (in America at least) IMO. The gift card not being available all the time is a bit annoying though

Re: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I have to agree with you. I NEVER make a purchase online unless there is some sort of GWP at $35, which seem to go out monthly, a good sample bag promo, or a good sample with a $25 purchase. I'm also fortunate enough to live near a few stores that offer the perk facial, so I'll book a facial for free if I'm planning on spending $75 plus. I may take advantage of one next week since I am in need of a few items that will total more than $75.


The above reasons are why I prefer Sephora over Ulta at this moment. However, I do understand that some people don't live near a Sephora, so Ulta may be more convenient for them. The one appealing thing that Ulta does have over Sephora is the hair salon. I have a friend whose stylist works now works at an Ulta one day a week, so my friend earns a lot of points for services she was paying more for at another salon.

Re: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I'm not defending Sephora but I agree,


I think that there are way more VIBRouges and VIB's than people think, way more than are part of the BIC community. Since Sephora doesn't limit the amount of rewards that a person can get, these people have the points and the ability to snag major rewards. With good 100 point perks people make multiple offers to get several of the same item. Even with the free gift with $25 purchase has people making multiple orders for the 'good' stuff. Yet if Sephora tried to put a limit on the number of rewards that could be redeemed per client per a certain amount of time people would balk.

Are these rewards that Sephora receives from the cosmetic companies themselves or is Sephora picking these brands at random? If Company X only sends Sephora 50 items to use for a reward promotion, then Sephora only has 50 

to give away. They can't increase the supply due to demand because the reward didn't originate with them.

RE: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I am finding it hard to redeem my points too! Do you know how to get the $100 reward? I haven’t been able to.

RE: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

I just redeemed my $100 reward, and to be completely honest it’s not worth it. First of all it has to be redeemed all in one transaction.Second, you cannot return or exchange unless it’s the same exact item. I bought one of the ABH palettes for my sister with it, but it seems that she already has that one, and now I’m stuck with a palette that I already own and she does too. In my opinion you’re better off not wasting your points on the reward card, unless they change the exchange policy.

RE: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

You have to have 2500 points and find the reward in the available ones. They go really fast, but make sure to always look first thing on Wednesday and Thursday. I know people that have been able to get it! I think they just don’t have a very large amount at one time so that is why.

Re: RE: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!


You have to wait for it to become available in the Rewards Bazaar. The Bazaar “opens” every Tuesday and Thursday at 9amPST. You have to sure to snag one fast before they sell out, though. Best of luck!!

Re: RE: VERY Dissapointed in VIB Rouge!

Thanks for the tip!

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