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March 2017: Sample Challenge

March Challenge is to dig into all your samples and try them out.  Post here what sample/foil pack you used and your thoughts about it.  Would you consider buying the full size?

Sephora Samples.jpg

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Oh this is great - I'm always looking for ways to motivate myself to get through my samples!

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

@JenniferOhJenny me too.  I have a box full and they just sit there.  Seems a shame so hopefully this will be a good way to open them up and try them out. 

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I am soooooo IN!!! I need to get rid of some DS/Foils!!! YAY Smiley Very Happy

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I am definitely in for this. I've been informally trying to get through my insane-o number of sample packs over the last little bit. But the fun of sharing my experiences will hopefully further motivate me to get through them!

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

This will definitely provide me with the motivation to sort and use up my foils/DS samples. Count me in😀

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I'm in too!!  I've got a shoe box full at this point Smiley Happy

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Oh I like this challenge. I have an insane amount of samples that I never try but I really want to try them out so this is great motivation!

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I'm in! Thank you for starting the challenge @AMK721 💖


Day 1: Amore Pacific Cushion sample pack from my Play! Subscription a few months back. 


I actually am pretty impressed by this. The coverage is really nice, has SPF 50 and this may sound weird but it smells expensive lol. Pleasantly surprised that the shades they sent work for me. Made for pink undertones. I will see how it wears for the full day but I would consider purchasing the full size if it holds up. I like how lightweight it feels on my skin. That's what I look for in foundations! 

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Love it! It'll push me to use items from my Play box, not to mention the gazillion foils I have.


Sadly, my sensitive skin limits the extent of which I can participate in this challenge, but hopefully I can find a few product to love.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

This is a great idea I have so many foils and deluxe samples.

I tried a foil of Estee Lauder nightwear plus 3 minute detox mask last night so that can be Day 1.I usually prefer clay masks that don't get dry and this one does but I really liked the texture of it,not sure I would buy full size but would use another sample.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Great idea for a challenge @AMK721! I will definitely try to participate, starting tonight or tomorrow.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Hi @AMK721, this is a great challenge! I actually have a foil pack in my makeup bag that I've been avoiding using since I've been a little lazy recently. I'll try it out soon and post about it here! Smiley Happy 


Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

This is a fantastic challenge! I have almost all those foils in the photo too! I recently organized my skin care foils. I've started trying to use them, but slowly so I don't anger my skin. I'm trying to be able to participate in the empties thread lol, and this will help. Foils usually last me a bit, so I'll be slow to post. 


Day 1: Yuza Sorbet Featherweight Emulsion.

What it is:
A daily moisturizer enriched with yuza and microcapsules with antioxidant properties to help nourish and reveal skin's radiance.


I haven't noticed any difference. Alone it dries my combination face out. I have to use my regular moisturizer over it. Tongue

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

 I have been trying to use up my foils/deluxe size samples as part of my project pan (I do write them down in my journal so I can keep track) so I will post if I remember Smiley Frustrated


I finished a foil of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Night Cream the other day. I also have another one I am currently using up, I can get over a week's worth of use out of each foil since so little is needed to cover my entire face.


While I LOVE her Magic Cream (daytime version) and don't want to live without it I can't justify spending the amount for the Night Cream when I have tried so many other night creams at lower prices. It isn't bad, a bit sticky at first but melts into the skin, it doesn't break me out or anything.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

@virgo87 I'd be interesting in knowing what Night Cream you like.  I'm on the hunt for one.  My skin is dry and aging.  

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge


I have combo skin and it is aging too (I will be 30 this year).

I use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask a few times a week, I like how cooling it is and how it sinks quickly into the skin. I have used the Korres Rose Sleeping Mask in the past but I much prefer the Laneige one.

I also really like Philosophy's Renewed Hope in a Jar overnight because of the glycolic acid in it (I am all about the AHA's and getting rid of the dead skin). A jar lasted me forever as I didn't need too much, it sunk into the skin really fast and didn't irritate my skin. Tongue399799

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Yes!  SAMPLES!!!


I will shoot for a foil-a-day!!!  lol!!!!

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I shall commit to trying one foil a day! 😆 I have no excuses, lol.

Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

Day 1 (part 1):


I went a little crazy today at the thought of clearing these out.  Here are the first three I tried:


1. RMS Beauty Makeup Remover Wipe - This did a poor job of removing my relatively light make-up, and left my face feeling uncomfortably oily.  Won't purchase.


2. Too Cool for School Egg Mellow Body Butter - I liked this.  It absorbed quickly and had a refreshing scent.  Nothing amazing, but I would consider buying this if I ever used up my stash of body lotion.


3. Tosowoong Cocoon Monster Pack.  This did a great job cleaning out my pores and firming up my skin.  It felt strange on and really tightened up as it dried down, but it washed off easily.  I will probably buy this.



Re: March 2017: Sample Challenge

I love this idea!  I have a ton of samples (good stuff too) that I always mean to get to but  never do.  This will motivate me to use them.

Day 1: Brazilian Bum Bum cream.  Don't know about the tightening and smoothing part- but it smells like summer!

Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about their samples this month.



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